Astro 155 Fall 2011: EXOPLANETS

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Time: MW 9:00-10:15

Location: Sci 242


Astronomy 155 is the "Topics in Astrophysics" offered every third semester. In Fall 2011, the topic will be Exoplanets: Planets around other stars.

The only pre-requisite is Physics 52. You do not need to have taken Astro 117A or 117B.

Please note that there was a screw-up regarding scheduling. It was listed as 9-9:50 MWF but will most likely be 8:30-9:45 on MW. My apologies for the confusion.

The emphasis of this course will be on the new discoveries made by the Kepler Mission and also on future space missions designed to search for signs of life on habitable planets. We will be using the book "Extrasolar planets and astrobiology" by Caleb Scharf. I recommend also getting the new volume "Exoplanets' edited by Sara Seager, which contains high-level review articles on all aspects of exoplanets.

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