Lupton, Nathaniel

Assistant Professor
School of Global Innovation and Leadership

Lucas College and Graduate School of Business

San José State University
One Washington Square 
San José, CA 95192-0070




Office Hours

Monday/Wednesday 2-3 pm and by appointment


Ph.D. Business Administration, Western University (formerly: UWO, 2011)

MBA Carleton University, 2006


Nathaniel C. Lupton is an Assistant Professor at the Lucas College of Business at San Jose State University. His research interests include determinants of foreign direct investment strategy and performance, international business risk mitigation, international knowledge diffusion, international research networks, and management in developing economies. His ongoing research examines the business determinants of national and international business strategy and success, business and entrepreneurship in emerging economies, organizational goal setting and learning, and CSR. His research has appeared in Academy of Management Perspectives, Business and Society, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Knowledge Management, Journal of World Business, and others.