Obi, Samuel C.

Obi, Samuel C.

Professor and Director of Technology




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Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM and by appointment


Tech 31: Quality Assurance and Control

    Tech 31 Unit 1

    Tech 31 Research Exercise 1

    Tech 31 Unit 2

    Tech 31 Unit 3

   Tech 31 Research Exercise 2

    Tech 31 Unit 4

   Tech 31 Group Research Assignment

    Tech 31 Unit 5

Tech/ME 41: Machine Shop Safety and Fundamentals

Tech 45: Sustainable Facilities Design and Planning

Management of Green and Sustainable Manufacturing

    Tech 45 Synopsis

   Tech 45 Unit 1

   Tech 45 Project 1

    Tech 45 Unit 2

    Tech 45 Allowances

   Tech 45 Unit 3

   Tech 45 Project 2

   Tech 45 Unit 4

   Tech 45 Group Project

   Tech 45 Unit 5

    Planning Modern Manufacturing Systems

Tech 46: Machine Operation and Management

    Tech 46 Article Synopsis Sheet

    Tech 46 Lab Safety

    Tech 46 Unit 1

    Tech 46 Unit 2

    Tech 46 Unit 3

    Tech 46 Unit 4

    Tech 46 Unit 5

    Tech 46 Unit 5 (PPP)

Tech/ME 140: Green and Sustainable Product Design

    Tech 140 Lab Manual

    Boss Laser Setup Procedures

    Tech 140 Unit 1

    Tech 140 Project 1

    Tech 140 Unit 2

   Tech 140 Unit 3

    Tech 140 Term paper

    Tech 140 Project 2

    Tech 140 Unit 4

    Tech 140 Unit 5

Tech 147: Green Manufacturing Analysis and Management

Tech 147 Unit 1

    Tech 147 Project 1

    Tech 147 Unit 2

   Tech 147 Unit 3

  Tech 147 Project 2

    Tech 147 Term Paper

    Tech 147 Synopsis

  Tech 147 Unit 4

  Tech 147 Project 3

    Controlling Manufacturing Systems

   Tech 147 Unit 5

    SIMPROCESS Lab Manual

Tech 149: Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems

    Tech 149 Lab Manual

    Tech 149 CNC Safety, G-Code, & Setup

Tech 149 Unit 1

    Tech 149 Project 1

   Tech 149 Unit 2

    Tech 149 Team Project

   Tech 149 Unit 3

  Tech 149 Term Paper

  Tech 149 Unit 4

    Tech 149 Unit 5

Tech 190A: Senior Project I

   Tech 190A Professional Development

    Tech 190A Week 2 Lecture

   Tech 190A Week 3 Lecture

    Tech 190A Week 4 Lecture

   Tech 190A Week 5 Lecture

   Tech 190A Week 6 Lecture

   Tech 190A New Prooduct Proposal

    Tech 190A Week 7 Lecture

    Tech 190A Week 8 Lecture

    Tech 190A Week 9 Lecture

    Tech 190A Week 10 Lecture

   Tech 190A Week 11 Lecture

    Tech 190A Week 12 Lecture

    Tech 190A Week 13 Lecture

   Tech 190A Week 15 Lecture

Tech 190B: Senior Project II

    Manufacturing for Quality

   Tech 190B Senior Project

   Tech 190B Portfolio Preparation



  • Doctor of Philosophy, Univ Of Northern Iowa, 1989
  • Master of Technology, Manufacturing, Southeastern Oklahoma St Univ, Oklahoma, United States, 1985
  • Bachelor of Science, Manufacturing, Southeastern Oklahoma St Univ, Oklahoma, United States, 1984


My name is Professor Obi and I have been with San Jose State University as a faculty member since 1989. My expertise is in Manufacturing Systems, including manufacturing processes, manufacturing planning and control, quality control, product prototyping and development, green and sustainability product design, computer-integrated manufacturing and general material processing. I also teach courses in the areas of industrial ethics and technology and civilization. My latest books in these areas are Introduction to Manufacturing Systems and A Handbook of Productive Industrial Ethics (both available online at Amazon.Com, AuthorHouse.Com and many online bookstores).

The purpose of this web site is to help you (1) find materials for your assignments if you are enrolled in any of the courses that I teach, (2) help you learn about our programs so that you will be more informed about what we do, and (3) also to help you have access to some of the resources used in my courses, community services or professional consulting whenever you want.

My specific research interests are in the areas of manufacturing systems, technology transfer to developing economies, and ethics and the technologist/industry. Many articles and two books have been published in these areas. Presently I am the trustee of the Rho chapter of the honorary Epsilon Pi Tau, an honorary student organization for professions in technology. I did serve as the Regional Director for the Honorary, which included California, Canada, western United States and other parts of the world, from 2007 to 2016. I have also served variously at different times as adviser to the student chapters of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Nigerian Student Association of San Jose State University, and the Association for Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE). I have helped to found programs geared to helping Nigerian and African immigrants adjust to life in American society. My latest books in this area (Readings for Amerigerian Igbo and A Table Prepared Before Me) can be acquired at Amazon.Com or AuthorHouse.Com. I was also the director, co-founder, trustee, and/or chairman of several community non-profit organizations, including the Nigerian Language and Cultural Institute of San Jose, Nnewi Neighborhood Association of Northern California, and Igbo Anglican Church of San Jose.

I or any of my colleagues will like to assist you with any question(s) you may have, whether you are one of our students, thinking about becoming one of our majors, or perhaps wanting to know more about our programs. Please feel free to browse the different areas and materials presented here, including the College of Engineering and San Jose State's other programs.


       California Community Colleges
       California Industrial and Technology Education Association (CITEA)
       Honorary Epsilon Pi Tau
       International Technology and Engineering Education Association (ITEEA)
      Nigerian Language and Cultural Institute
       Nnewi Neighborhood Association of Northern California
       Saint James Igbo Anglican Church
       Technology Internship Organizations in the Bay Area
       Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE)


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