Award & Press


  • Collaborative Research: Broadening Inclusive Participation in Artificial Intelligence Undergraduate Education for Social Good Using A Situated Learning Approach. Sponsored by National Science Foundation #2142783 (2022-2025), 2022-2025. Total project amount: $599,165, SJSU: $263,253.00. Collaborating institutions: CSU Chancellor's Office (#2142439), CSU San Bernadino (#2142503), Cal Poly Pomona (#2142490), CSU Long Beach (#2142594). Role: lead principle investigator. 
  • Girls in AI: Artificial Intelligence Education Among K-12 Girls via Social Entrepreneurship. SJSU RSCA Leve-Up Grant, 2020-2021, Sponsored by SJSU Office of Research, $9,578, Role: Sole PI
  • Innovation Farm: Artificial Intelligence Powered Social Innovation for the Post-COVID-19 Period. SJSU College of Business Curricular Enhancement Program (CEP) Grant, 2020-2021, Sponsored by SJSU College of Business, $3,000, Role: Sole PI
  • Artificially Intelligent (AI) Counselors for Student Career Development During and Post COVID-19. SJSU Central RSCA Grant, 2020-2021, Sponsored by SJSU Office of Research, $5,000, Role: Sole PI
  • Artificially Intelligent (AI) Tutors: Designing and Evaluating Chatbots to Support Student Success. SJSU Central RSCA Grant, 2019-2020, Sponsored by SJSU Office of Research, $5,000, Role: Sole PI
  • “Digital Entrepreneurship”: Classroom Undergraduate Research Experience Course ReDesign. SJSU Classroom Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE) Grant, 2019, Sponsored by SJSU Center for Faculty Development, $1,000, Role: Sole PI
  • Designing Group Lifestyle Management Systems for Type II Diabetics. Early Postdoc.Mobility Fellowship (Career Grant), sponsored by Swiss National Science Foundation, 2015-2016, 74,850 CHF, Role: Sole PI


  • ICIS 2023 Best Paper Nominee
  • Best AMCIS 2023 Top 25% ERF Papers (2 papers)
  • SJSU Lucas College of Business Faculty-Student Collaborative Research Award, 2023
  • Master Teacher Awards, 2019-2020, 2020-2021, 2021-2022
  • Best AMCIS 2022 Top 25% ERF Papers
  • SJSU College of Business Early Career Faculty Teaching Award. 2021.
  • Distinguished Faculty Mentor 2019 SJSU Student Research Competition. SJSU, 2019.
  • Classroom Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE) Course Re-design grant. SJSU, 2019
  • AMIA Annual Symposium Student Paper Competition Finalist, 2018
  • Outstanding Student Paper in the field of Consumer and Pervasive Health Informatics, AMIA 2018                                            
  • Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, by European Commission, 2008-2010

Press and Media (selected)

  • IBM Business Schooled Podcast. AI for social good with SJSU's Yu Chen. 2023
  • ABC7 news. An app that generates recipes off photo of ingredients? San Jose State students brainstorm unique solutions to COVID-19.  2020
  • Can a smiling selfie a day lead to a happier life? KPCC. Radio Interview. 2016
  • Live Science. Selfie-Esteem: Smartphone Pics Can Boost Spirits. 2016
  • The Huffington Post. Science Says Selfies Can Make You Happier and More Confident. 2016
  • MedicalResearch. Taking Happy Photos Can Improve Mood and Reduce Stress. 2016
  • Yahoo News. Taking and Sharing Selfies Can Make You Happier. 2016
  • Medical Daily. Are Selfies Good for Self-Esteem? Science Finds Smartphone Photos Act As Mood Booster, Stress Reliever. 2016
  • CBS Los Angles. UCI Study Links Selfies to Happiness. 2016
  • RTS Un (Swiss national television channel). Mon smartphone me coache.  2012
  • Deutsche Welle (Germany's public international broadcaster). Radio Interview. 2016
  • Selfies and happiness. Brigham Young University. Radio Interview. 2016
  • Selfies and happiness. CBS Radio News San Francisco. Radio Interview. 2016