D2L Faculty-In-Residence

Desire2Learn Faculty-in-Residence for Spring 2010

In addition to the Getting Started with D2L Workshops offered by eCampus and Prabha Chandrasekar the following instructors are assigned to assist faculty from their respective Colleges make a smooth transition to D2L. Take advantage of this extra expertise in your own field!

Applied Sciences and Arts
Bethany Shifflett, 408-924-3016
( NOTE: On Sabbatical until Fall '10ÑApplied Science instructors are invited to contact other FIRs during Spring '10)

Roxana Marachi, 408-924-3729
Mary McVey, 408-924-3607

Magdalini Eirinaki, 408-924-3828

Humanities and the Arts
Leslie Speer, 510-508-3177
Janet Stemwedel, 408-924-4521

H. Chris Tseng, 408-924-7255

Social Sciences/ Business
Mark McKenna, 408-924-7197

Student Affairs/Student Services
Kell Fujimoto, 650-430-8222

Center for Faculty Development
The following FIRs are assigned to the Center for Faculty Development and are available to work with instructors from any college:
Mei Yan Lu, 408-924-3645
Anne Marie Todd, 408-924-5391