Student Affairs Committee

The Student Affairs Committee has existed since 1986. The primary function of the committee is to advise the Dean of the College of Applied Sciences and Arts of any student problems or needs, to recommend policy or suggest courses of action, and to suggest improvements to the College. The students that participate in the Student Affairs Committee are the liaisons between the department/school, the students, and the Dean's Office. The Committee discusses issues of concern brought to the committee by the students-at-large or by committee members themselves.

The secondary function of the Student Affairs Committee is the preparation and review of the CASA Outstanding Student Awards.

One outstanding graduate and undergraduate student award are given each year. The award application is posted on the CASA web page under Awards, Scholarships, and Grants. The application period begins in fall and continues into the spring term.

The University Alumni Association offers two $1250 scholarships for each college in the University. The SJSU Alumni Scholarships are available in February. These scholarship recipients, and the recipients of the other student awards, are honored at the Dean's Awards Reception on the first Monday in May.

A glimpse of some prior SAC agenda items:

  • State Budget
  • Graduation Process/Policies
  • CASA Renovations
  • Committee Website

Be informed and be involved:

If you would like answers to your questions, please contact the representative of your department or school. If you want to be more involved with the College of Applied Sciences and Arts, please contact the chair or director of your department or school.


The Student Affairs Committee meets on the second Tuesday of the month, from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., in MacQuarrie Hall, Room 438A.

Choosing committee members:

During Spring term, Student Affairs Committee members are chosen by the respective departments or schools and current student representatives. After the representatives are chosen, the committee begins meeting the second Tuesday in September.

The committee is composed of one representative from each academic unit offering a major. These academic units include:

  1. Health Science & Recreation
  2. Hospitality Management
  3. Journalism & Mass Communication
  4. Justice Studies
  5. Kinesiology
  6. Library & Information Science
  7. Nursing
  8. Nutrition, Food Science & Packaging
  9. Occupational Therapy
  10. Social Work

In addition to these representatives, one faculty advisor is chosen on a rotating basis, along with one staff person, who also sits on the committee.

Fall 2013 – 2014 Academic Year

Alice Hines, Interim Dean
Gigi Smith, Occupational Therapy, Faculty Advisor

Have Questions? Please call 924-2900

SAC Committee Members

Department/School Name
Health Science & Recreation Claudia Gonzalez
Hospitality Management Amelia George
Journalism & Mass Communication TBD
Justice Studies Christie Martinez
Kinesiology Valerie Ruiz
Library and Information Science Seema Sairam
Nursing David Gabriel
Nutrition, Food Science & Packaging Danelle Willey
Occupational Therapy Amy Cannon
Social Work David Hoffman

CASA Faculty and Staff

Department/School Name Phone Email
Dean's Office Alice Hines, Interim Dean 924-2900
Faculty, Occupational Therapy Gigi Smith 924-2466
Dean's Office Support Staff Mimi Nguyen 924-2932