Division of Health Professions

The Division of Health Professions offers:

  • Two minors:
    1. Health Professions
    2. Complementary and Alternative Health Practices (CAHP)
  • A certificate in CAHP
  • Courses and learning experiences through programs which contribute to the understanding of health needs of individuals and society

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The division is based on the coordination of courses and programs in

  • Health Science
  • Nutrition, Food Science, and Packaging
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Nursing

Other participating programs include Kinesiology, Hospitality, Recreation, and Tourism Management, as well as Gerontology. The goals of the division are to:

  • Provide programs of study that integrate a variety of health-related disciplines to prepare students for careers in the health professions;
  • Contribute to the liberal education of students through courses designed to provide an understanding of human health, fitness and health delivery systems;
  • Meet the continuing education needs of health professionals.

Course offerings are flexible to respond to societal and professional concerns. Consult the schedule of classes or an advisor for courses available under the Health Professions Program and under individual departments within the division.