Occupational Therapy student poster presentation.Wing commander Monica Tran and Lt. Col. Douglas LomsdalenMercy Egbjuor talks about her DNP research project.Winifred Schultz-Krohn works with an occupational therapy student.Members of the Social Work Education Enhanemcent Project meet.Ashwini Wagle gives a lecture.Students intern at Pebble Beach.



The College of Applied Sciences and Arts (CASA) at San José State University (SJSU) has 6 departments and 4 schools with more than 8,000 undergraduate and graduate students and more than 400 faculty and staff.

Dr. Alice Hines has been appointed as interim dean for CASA as of July 1. Dr. Hines has served as an Associate Dean for the college for three years. She looks forward to working closely with students, faculty and staff as they prepare for the 2014-15 school year. Dr. Pamela Richardson also joins the dean's office staff this summer as acting associate dean. Richardson comes to the dean's office from the department of Occupational Therapy, where she has served as chair in recent years.


CASA Connections Newsletter Launches

The College of Applied Sciences and Arts is launching a College newsletter. The inaugural edition includes a round up of summer news from the College, including stories on leadership changes in CASA; CSI Summer Camp; Study Abroad programs; Sabbaticals, Tenure and Promotions and more. We are hoping to connect with our faculty, staff, students, alumni and donors as well as share news from all of these groups. Submit news items to Melissa Anderson at socialmediacasa@gmail.com.

Read Vol. 1 issue 1 here (http://bit.ly/1B1BDDNb)

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