Communication Technology


The Center offers support to SJSU faculty and staff to help them explore a variety of tools they can use to enhance their professional communication and collaboration.

 Google Apps

The entire suite of Google Apps is available to all faculty and staff affiliated with SJSU.  This includes Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Docs as well as Google Site and Google Groups.   The CFD staff partners with the University's Information Technology Services to offer group training or individual consultation.  To meet your needs and preferred learning style, your options are as follows:

Instructor-led Workshops

Hands-on instructor-led workshops are offered regularly throughout the year.  To view the schedule and to register for a session, see our Events calendar.


Small group or one-on-one consultation is also available by contacting our Center Office

Self-paced Tutorials

If you prefer learning at your own pace with step-by-step instructions, visit and/or download a copy of the tutorials from the links below.

Online Resources

A general overview of Google Apps is available at:

More detailed information, appropriate for beginners and experts alike, can be accessed at:

The Google Apps in Education

For more information and ideas about how Google Apps can be used in educational settings, visit: