Undergraduate Research Grants Application Instructions

Application Instructions

1. Student Information

The student should enter the personal information requested in this section. Please use an email address you use frequently. GPA is your cumulative grade point average at the end of the most recently completed term. For first semester students, it is the last grade point average at the most recently attended institution.

2. Faculty Information

Enter the name of the faculty member along with her/his department and college/school. If the mentor is also associated with a research center, feel free to enter that on the college/school line too.

3. Project Information

Select a short, descriptive project title. Enter the expected start and estimated completion dates. If you are already working on the project, please enter the date you began working on it in the past.

In order to ensure proper clearance from appropriate review bodies (Institutional Review Board, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee), please check all boxes that apply to your project. In order to use people, you may have to get approval from the Institutional Review Board. If you plan to use animals in your project, you will need to work with the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee Your faculty mentor can help you determine whether or not you need approval and can also assist you with the approval process. More information for research involving human subjects and for research involving animals is available through the Office of Graduate Studies and Research.

The student should describe his/her objectives and expected learning outcomes, the methodology or creative focus, and the specific activities expected to be carried out in order to complete this project with a timeline. The student should also describe the level of effort that she/he expects to put into the project and the level of faculty mentoring and/or supervision expected.

Please also include a timeline, stating when each of the project activities will be undertaken/completed.

The faculty member should provide a brief description of how they plan to mentor and support the student in this project and the impact and contribution that this project is expected to make to the student's education

Remember that the reviewers will be evaluating the proposal based on:

  • The overall quality of the proposal;
  • The significance of the project and merit of the work including the likelihood that the project will make a contribution to the student's area of study;
  • The appropriateness of the methodology or the creative focus;
  • The potential for accomplishing the proposed project; and the
  • The strength of the proposed mentoring relationship.

4. Budget

In this section, you are justifying the budget developed in the budget spreadsheet and explaining why funds are being used in the manner proposed. Please use the Budget Spreadsheet template to present the budget. The justification for each expenditure need not include the dollar value but you should explain the nature of the software, equipment, materials, and supplies being used and why they are essential. Travel expenditures must meet university guidelines. While funds may not be used for faculty compensation, faculty travel or to purchase food or gift cards, up to one half the funds requested may be used as student assistant funds. All expenditures should be handled by the Department office of the Faculty mentor. Please remember that all State and Procurement guidelines must be followed.

5. Submission Procedures and Signatures

Please submit your proposal ELECTRONICALLY, to  cfd@sjsu.edu, as follows:

  • Label the main narrative of your proposal URGSpring2012FacultyLastName-StudentLastNameNarr (e.g., URGSpring2012Wilson-JohnsonNarr)
  • Label the budget form for your proposal URGSpring2012FacultyLastName-StudentLastNameBudget (e.g., URGSprign2012Wilson-JohnsonBudget)

You may complete and submit this document without the signature. However, please submit one signed copy with supporting documents to the Center for Faculty Development (IRC 213) or email to cfd@sjsu.edu no later than 5PM Monday, May 7, 2012.