Career Planning


"If you don't know where you are sailing, no wind is favorable." (Roman philosopher, Senecca) The information in this page is designed to help you plan and manage your career at different stages. 

RTP and Career planning sessions

The Center partners with the Office of Faculty Affairs throughout the semester, to offer informational sessions and workshops on topics relating to tenure, promotion and career planning. We invite you to attend any of the sessions you think might be useful for you.

Career Tracks

As you plan the next steps in your career, consider what the experts - SJSU faculty members who have been honored for their teaching, their scholarship or their service - have to say:


Financial Literacy Modules for Faculty

Few of us have had much formal training in financial planning. But decisions we make throughout our careers can have a significant impact on our financial circumstances. With the generous support of an American Council on Education (ACE) /Sloan Foundation award, we have developed a series of Financial Literacy modules (videos and PDFs), to help acquaint you with some of the key concepts and resources in this area.

Early Career Planning

Launching one's academic career can be a daunting task.  You are expected to develop courses which you will teach effectively.  At the same time, you must articulate and advance an agenda of scholarship or creative achievement.  And as you are juggling the demands of these two career strands, you are also expected to find ways to contribute meaningful service to your professional communities. One key to success is to have a plan at the outset, which you revisit regularly and update as needed.  Each Spring, the Center for Faculty Development offers a one-day Career Planning retreat for probationary faculty.  Participating in the retreat will give you an opportunity to reflect on your professional and personal accomplishments and to identify goals to strive for in the coming year(s) as well as resources you might draw upon to support you.

Mid-Career Planning

Mirroring the demographics of many universities around the country, over half of the faculty at SJSU are “mid-career.”  Tenured and promoted, these “keystone faculty” are, in many ways, the back-bone of our institution.  With major professional hurdles behind them, and possibly twenty or more years before they retire, some mid-career faculty flourish but others seem to flounder. 

Below, we provide links to two articles written about the post-tenure experience on the SJSU campus – albeit nearly 25 years apart.  We also provide a link to the invitation to apply to the up-coming Post-Tenure Faculty Renewal Retreat.

Transition to Retirement Planning

For many faculty who have spent much of their adult life in the world of academia, the prospect of planning for the next chapter of their lives can be quite daunting. The University offers many resources to help faculty understand their retirement options and the financial considerations associated with each of those options. The Center also offers a series of events designed to support faculty as they contemplate, make and then adjust to this major transition.

Support for Department Chairs

The Center, in partnership with the Office of Faculty Affairs, offers a series of professional development opportunities for faculty interested in becoming Department Chairs as well as for faculty who are already in those positions. Please see our Events page.