Family Matters

Center for Faculty Development
One Washington Square
San Jose, CA 95192



With the generous support of an ACE-Sloan Faculty Career Flexibility award, the following list of resources will help members of the university community locate assistance and information pertaining to a variety of "family" topics.

  • Leave information for prospective parents: FAQs on SJSU policies related to maternity/paternity/adoption leave
  • Family Planning Resources for Prospective Parents: FAQs on adoption and infertility resources on the web
  • Childcare Resources: FAQs on SJSU resources on childcare and links to parenting and childcare resources
  • School-Age Child and Adolescent Resources: FAQs on SJSU policies related to leaves to care for family members and with links to school aged child care resources on the web including information on choosing a school, summer camps, English as a second language, and children with disabilities
  • Eldercare Resources: FAQs on SJSU policies related to leaves to care for family members, SJSU resources on eldercare, and links to eldercare resources on the web
  • Work Life Balance: FAQs on resources to balance work and family better including SJSU best practices, and tips on time management and stress reduction
  • SJSU Family Matters Email List: There is an email distribution list on campus to build community and share information amongst faculty and staff related to family friendly and work-life balance policies, resources, and support. To join the email list,
    1. Go to Family Matters Email List web site
    2. Enter your email and name in the spaces provided.
    3. You should get a welcome message from the list. If you do not, check your "Junk Mail" folder to make sure you are not filtering out the list messages.