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The Center offers workshops and individual, confidential consultations to help you understand and prepare for retention, tenure and promotion reviews, and to take a more proactive role in directing your career.  Please visit our Events page.

Career Planning

In the realm of higher education, careers often span several decades and include many kinds of professional responsibilities and opportunities. Issues and concerns of greatest salience for those just embarking on their careers are likely to be different from those who have been "at-it" for a while, or for those who are starting to contemplate the next chapter in their lives. In any case, planning and intentionality can help you to reflect on your accomplishments, to articulate professional goals, and to make the most of your opportunities. In this section, you will find information about career-stage specific programs and resources.

New Faculty Orientation

Each year, the Center offers orientation programs for new tenure track faculty and for new lecturers. Our goal for these programs is to help participants feel welcomed, to help them get a sense of the range of resources available to them on campus, and to help them hit the ground running on their first day of classes. The Center also provides regular follow-up sessions for faculty throughout the year.


Retention, Tenure & Promotion Support

Each year, the Center sponsors workshops, in collaboration with the Office of Faculty Affairs, to help faculty understand and prepare for their Retention, Tenure and Promotion reviews. Center staff is also available to individual, confidential consultations throughout the year. See our Events calendar.

The documents below are designed to provide some information for you as you get started.


Balancing Work and Life

  • "Balancing Work and Life for Faculty at SJSU" Handbook [pdf]
    The Office of Faculty Affairs has compiled a Handbook bringing together in one place all of the university policies and practices pertaining to work-life balance.
  • Financial Literacy Modules
    Few of us have had much formal training in financial planning. But decisions we make throughout our careers can have a significant impact on our financial circumstances. With the generous support of an American Council on Education (ACE) /Sloan Foundation award, we have developed a series of Financial Literacy modules (videos and PDFs), to help acquaint you with some of the key concepts and resources in this area.
  • Family Matters
    With the generous support of an ACE-Sloan Faculty Career Flexibility award, SJSU compiled the Family Matters web-site, designed to help members of the university community locate resources and information pertaining to a variety of "family" topics.



Consultation for Career Planning and RTP

Amy Strage
Assistant Vice President for Faculty Development
Director, Center for Faculty Development
Phone: (408) 924-3715
Office: IRC 213