Guideline for Classroom Implementation for Collaborative Learning

Implementing Collaborative Learning Groups

Following are online resources on how to's and tips/tricks:

Learning in Groups 
University of Pittsburg presents learning benefits that can be derived from having students work in groups, strategies for incorporating group work into a classroom, how group learning can be evaluated and some common difficulties with group work.

What is Collaboration Learning? [pdf] 
Barbara Leigh Smith and Jean T. MacGregor explains how creating a collaborative classroom can be wonderfully rewarding opportunity but it is also full of challenges and dilemmas.

Facilitating Group Work 
Tools for Teaching by Barbara Gross Davis will be helpful for you to find the many ways to facilitate different types of groups.

Workshop: Cooperative and Collaborative Learning 
Educational Broadcasting Corporation presents to this technique can help improve learning in your class.

Collaborative Learning Environments Source Book 
An excellent source book on the learning environment of collaborating groups presented by

Collaborative Learning: Group Work and Study Teams 
UC Berkeley discusses how to design group work, organize learning groups, e valuate group work, deal with concerns and set up study teams.

Collaborative Learning 
An excellent showcase on group forming, advantages and disadvantages to Collaborative Learning presented by Wisconsin Center for Education Research.

Facilitating Group Work 
The University of North Carolina presents to you an excellent online source book on how technology can help you teach in regards to group planning and processing.

Assessment in and of Collaborative Learning 
Evergreen College presents to you a set of assessment tools for teachers involved in collaborative learning.

Tips for Grading Group Work 
Kathleen McKinney, professor of Sociology at Illinois State University provides to you tips for grading group work.

Grading in Collaborative Classrooms 
An article by Bob Petrulis presented by Evergreen State College explains on how to grade collaborative groups when dealing with complex issues.

Group Projects and Group Grading: Work in Progress 
An article by Roger Arango presented by Evergreen State College explains how students should be graded when projects were produced by a collaborative group.

Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning: Issues for Research 
Vivekanandan Suresh Kumar from University of Saskatchewan presents to you guide to the current trends in collaborative learning.