Case Studies for Classroom Implementation

Case Studies for Classroom Implementation

Carleton College

Is collectively integrating literacies to free faculty from the notion they are singularly responsible for a student's education.

University of Charleston

Aims to grow six liberal learning outcomes from the sophomore year to graduation.

LaGuardia Community College

First Year Experience Academies: Reconfiguring the First Year of College through Integrated Courses and ePortfolio. Launched in 2003, students select one of three academies (Liberal Arts, Allied Health and Sciences, or Business/Technology) and take courses in a learning community. Students also take a "Studio Hour" where they build electronic portfolios (ePortfolios) to showcase their work in all of their Academy classes. Also launched a CUNY-wide Research Seminar on Integrative Learning, serving directors of Teaching and Learning Centers and other faculty development leaders.

Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

Developing objectives, assessment methods, and courses for the upper level integrated capstone course for their developmental core curriculum. Developing capstone core curriculum courses.
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts' example

Michigan State University

MSU students are required to complete a 24-credit requirement in Integrative Studies and the university offers a study-abroad option for earning IS credit. "The project will connect the Integrative Studies and Global Competencies outcomes, create criteria for study abroad options that are likely to meet those outcomes, and develop an assessment protocol for measuring study abroad, integrative studies option."

Philadelphia University

Offers a first year experience program, information literacy initiative a writing program and a senior capstone.

Portland State University

Offering a student ePortfolio being expanded from a manual website model to an integrated portal model.

Salve Regina University

First Year Experience Learning Communities in cohorts of fifteen, all students take three courses in common in the first year that are linked by common themes, service learning activities, a common summer reading, and a writing portfolio.

SJSU Center for Service Learning

Encourages study linked to community service through structured reflection and civic engagement. Offers resources to assist students, faculty, departments and community partner organizations in community service-learning that develops social responsibility while meeting community needs.
SJSU Service Learning example

State University of New York at Oswego

Modifying a first-year program with integrative interdisciplinary general education requirement, and capstone curriculum to create a core curriculum with a focus on developmentally appropriate integrative skills.

College of San Mateo

CSM is experimenting with learning communities programs including Freshman composition and a community for the football team. There is also an Algebra I and Counseling combination course.
College of San Mateo's example