Our Mission

The College of Professional and Global Education will become a globally recognized center of excellence in international and extended education. It will become the primary provider of innovative and relevant educational programs to students and professionals in Silicon Valley and the world. By providing students with direct access to Silicon Valley and its innovative culture we transform students’ lives and their futures.  Increasing access to educational opportunities is the College's mission.


We create opportunities through higher education for people to develop in their personal lives and their careers.


We host international students and guests, develop new programs to meet the needs of local and international students, and lead campus internationalization.


We develop new programs and offer new delivery formats to meet the evolving needs of our students, Silicon Valley, and the world.

Our Goals

In alignment with SJSU's Vision 2017 goals, our college seeks to achieve the following goals:

Spartan Pride

CPGE recognizes and celebrates the diversity of our student body. In particular, we value and serve a large number of international students on our campus. CPGE organizes multiple events in support of its global community, including hosting an International Education Week that engages the university in a celebration of multicultural and international diversity.

Unbounded Learning

Online educational programs recognize the global scope of education today. To meet the educational needs of our students, working professionals and international audiences, CPGE will continue to grow its online programs. These serve non-traditional higher education audiences in Silicon Valley and around the world.

CPGE will initiate and implement programs that bridge borders and join cultures, respond to international contacts, and seek international opportunities in an increasingly interdependent world.

Helping and Caring

CPGE dedicates itself to quality student service. CPGE  will provide the support needed by students to achieve success in their programs. This service includes speedy responses to inquiries and admissions applications, advising international students on visa and immigration regulations and providing programs that respect the multicultural and international composition of our student body.

Agility through Technology

CPGE will use the latest technologies to increase access to our programs, communicate with students, manage office processes, and communicate within our college. CPGE staff and administration will receive regular professional development training, to learn and use technology to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and personal fulfillment on the job.

21st Century Spaces

CPGE moved to the new Student Union building on campus in 2017. This building has conference rooms and offices equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology for presentations to international visitors and guests. The building serves as an "International Reception Center" for the campus.