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Welcome to housing at   I-House!

For opportunities to make friends from the U.S. and around the world while living in a safe and supportive environment, apply to live at International House, home to 70 U.S. and international SJSU students  

Updated vaccination information for international students

COVID 19 Vaccine Requirements

SJSU students,

San Jose State University thanks you for your patience and understanding as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic guidelines from the state and California State University (CSU). We have received many questions regarding CSU intended COVID-19 vaccination requirement for students, faculty and staff. While we await the finalized policy to share with the campus community, SJSU has further guidance for international students currently in the United States as well as students planning to arrive before the fall semester.

For international students currently in the United States

If you aren’t already fully vaccinated, you need to get the Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vaccine before the fall semester begins August 19. Here are some key dates to keep in mind if you need to get vaccinated before the fall semester:

July 9, 2021: last day to receive the first dose of a two-dose vaccine (e.g. Moderna or Pfizer) to be fully vaccinated by August 19. Schedule your first dose on or before this date.
August 6, 2021: last day to receive the final dose of the vaccine of any type. This date is two weeks prior to the start of the semester.

For ALL international students who are currently outside of the United States

SJSU will accept all World Health Organization (WHO) Emergency Use listed vaccines and other vaccines that have been approved by your country, regardless of their WHO classification. 

This is very important: if you are able to access a COVID-19 vaccine in your country, you need to get the vaccine before the fall semester to make your transition back to campus much easier. 

If you are not vaccinated and plan to live off-campus, you will have to quarantine in your local residence. There will also be protocols - including masking requirements - for being on campus. 

For international students who are currently outside of the United States and planning to live in SJSU housing, including International House

If you are able to access a COVID-19 vaccine in your country, you need to get the vaccine before the fall semester. 

If a COVID-19 vaccine is not accessible for you to fully vaccinate before arriving in the United States, SJSU will do the following:

Support you through the US-mandated seven day quarantine period. This will include notifying instructors if you cannot attend class in person and finding you a safe and comfortable place to live if you plan to live in an on-campus housing facility.  
Help you gain access to a vaccine so that you can be part of the campus community as quickly and as safely as possible.
Help you transition from your short quarantine period - on or off campus depending on your preferred living situation - to full campus activity, including attending classes and participating in other aspects of campus life. 

This is just the beginning. We are still working on plans for the return of our international students. We will send more information as soon as we can, including more detailed information regarding vaccination. We look forward to having many of you back on campus soon.


Vincent Del Casino, Jr., Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs 

Patrick K. Day, Vice President of Student Affairs

Prospective Residents

Apply Now!! 

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Applications for housing at the I-House are reviewed beginning in March for Fall semester and beginning in October for Spring semester.
Apply for Fall 2021 housing.

Please e-mail housing applications to

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I-House Residence Costs 

We offer a one semester housing contract at the I-House with flexible payment plans. Residents can work towards rent reduction. Degree-seeking SJSU students who live at the I-House have opportunities to become Head Resident, Resident Advisors and Network Administrator and receive room and board as compensation for their leadership. Review the current information on Costs 

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Current resident's experience during Shelter in Place: 

"In times of despair, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives." I-House is like a world-wide family. Even during the pandemic, the core components of International House remain the same- Love and Wood ["What is the I-House made of? Wood -- and Love"]. My parents have found my stay at I-House invaluable as it has sheltered me from many adversities and my friends envied me for having all the mundane necessities and items of utility like a luxury. Over the years, I see myself coming back to this place again and again.

~ Akash Aggarwal


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