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Ashley Lin Profile photo Ashley L., USA

I’ve enrolled in 2 Summer study abroad sessions in recent years. The first was in Taiwan 2019 for a language focused program and the second was in South Korea 2022 for an International Summer School. In addition to that, while I was abroad in these countries I was also able to visit neighboring countries such as Macau, Hong Kong, and Thailand.  



Ashley-IH residents on front steps_10-2-22_Resized best for profile photoAfter spending months in these countries, coming back home was definitely a culture shock. Certain things and conveniences I had gotten used to were unavailable in the States and the friends I had made were all scattered across the globe. Something that really helped me though are the friends I made using my experiences. Especially in the case of living at the International House at SJSU, I was able to quickly connect with those from the countries I had visited because we were able to relate to one another. It was easier for me to understand where they were coming from as people because I understood the cultures they were brought up in and some of the experiences they had back home. Some of the friends I made this semester at the International House have become my closest friends and I’d like to think that I was able to help them adjust to living in the United States better. 

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