Apply for the Assistant Director PositionWelcome to housing at I-House!

For opportunities to make friends from the U.S. and around the world while living in a safe and supportive environment, apply to live at International House, home to 70 U.S. and international SJSU students  

  Home to U.S. and international students



Prospective Residents

Apply Now for housing!!

I-House is home to U.S. and international students.  Residents come each semester from approximately 25 countries on 5 continents, study in a wide variety of majors across the university, and range in age from 18-early 30's. 

Applications for housing should be submitted thorugh University Housing Services (UHS). Please visit their website to learn more information. 



Thanks to the generosity of the Bordoni/Simpkins family, residents of I-House were awarded thousands of dollars in scholarship assistance in 2022-2023. Current scholarship information will be released to residents soon. 


I-House Leadership Work Opportunities 

Residents holding positions as Head Resident and Resident Advisors receive full room and board as compensation for their leadership. Network Administrator & Alternate RAs receive partial compensation. 

Capitola group at wharf 4/24/22


I-House Residence Costs 

We offer a one semester housing contract at the I-House with flexible payment plans and opportunities to work at I-House, which meets the on-campus work requirement for international students. Review the current information on Costs .  View photos of bedrooms at I-House.

Admitted Spartan Day Webinar Recording 

Vaccination Requirements

View the SJSU Wellness Center webpage for details regarding vaccination information.   Please note that ALL residents of on-campus housing including the I-House must be fully vaccinated prior to move-in. 

Thank you to Marketshare, Inc: Marketing for HomeBuilders for supporting I-House!  

Fred Wilhelm, Marketshare, Inc owner, and San Jose Rotary Club member made a generous donation to I-House by installing the SJSU International House lettering that graces the front of our beautiful building. 

I-House facade Best for Viewing 

Events & Activities

Check out special I-House events including Lawn Games, Internationally-Inspired Pancake Breakfast, & International Quiz.

Residents learn about each other's cultures through Cross-cultural workshops


Check out Newsletters and Media to see the creative work of our residents.