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Welcome to housing at I-House!

For opportunities to make friends from the U.S. and around the world while living in a safe and supportive environment, apply to live at International House, home to 70 U.S. and international SJSU students  


As home away from home for residents, the I-House facility gets a lot of use.  Having comfortable furniture is key to providing spaces where residents can gather, celebrate, and relax together. Help us keep the I-House updated and comfortable, and support the experience of residents from around the world. 

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SJSU International House
by Bob Aron

Roommates 1982 Kevin-Bob-Peter

... It’s the fall of 1982 and new residents begin to arrive at the SJSU International Center (as it was called in the early years!)... To be honest, I had decided to live in the I-Center to be roommates with my high school friend and fellow music major. The international experience being offered was a secondary consideration for me……for about 2 weeks that is. After eating lunch and dinner with students from Bangladesh, Japan, Panama, Germany, Australia, etc. etc. etc.,   I really could not have imagined ever living anywhere else. The house had, and continues to have a profound effect on my life. In many ways, it might be because I wasn’t ‘looking’ for a cultural experience, that getting one had so much impact. I’ve always said that the American residents have the most to gain in the house, because we have the least experience with other cultures.

See a current roommate photo and read more written by Bob on the Alumni page.

Prospective Residents

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Capitola group at wharf 4/24/22

Applications for housing at the I-House are reviewed beginning in March for Fall semester and beginning in October for Spring semester.
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I-House Residence Costs 

We offer a one semester housing contract at the I-House with flexible payment plans and opportunities to work at I-House, which meets the on-campus work requirement for international students.  Admitted Spartan Day Spring 2022

Are you a matriculated degree-seeking undergraduate or graduate student?  Ask about I-House scholarships. In addition, residents holding positions as Head Resident, Resident Advisors and Network Administrator receive full room and board as compensation for their leadership. Review the current information on Costs 

Vaccination Requirements

View the SJSU Wellness Center webpage for details regarding vaccination information.   Please note that ALL residents of on-campus housing including the I-House must be fully vaccinated prior to move-in. 

Thank you to Marketshare, Inc: Marketing for HomeBuilders for supporting I-House!  

Fred Wilhelm, Marketshare, Inc owner, and San Jose Rotary Club member made a generous donation to I-House by installing the SJSU International House lettering that graces the front of our beautiful building. 

I-House facade Best for Viewing 

Events & Activities

Check out special I-House events including Lawn Games, Internationally-Inspired Pancake Breakfast, & International Quiz.

Residents learn about each other's cultures through Cross-cultural workshops.


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