Carlotta Zorzi's visit to I-House April 2022 
Carlotta Zorzi at I-House April 2022

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to vist the I-House 10 years after my last time there and WOW - what a whirlwind of emotions that was!  From the moment I saw all the flags dancing in the wind at the front, to the totem that read "Peace on Earth" in different languages, to getting emotional looking at our old Formal Dinner pictures, to catching up on how things have changed (or not!) with current residents... it's been a feast for my soul.  

Knowing that the current state of the world, the I-House is still a place that gives me hope for the future:  A place where differences are celebrated, not condemned; a place where conflict is addressed with diplomacy, not retaliation; a place where disagreements are accepted - and often lead people to changing their minds or challenging their unquestioned way of thinking.  There are many things I took away from my time at the I-House, but the biggest lessons will always remain the importance of tolerance, active listening, and compassion. 

Over the years, many of us have taken very different paths in our life: Some of us started a family, others concentrated on their careers, some did both.  However, I know for a fact that the bond we created back then will always be part of who we are, regardless of what we're doing in life.  Thank you for having me again, I-house.  Thank you for still being the place of laughter, tears, love, and growth.  The place made us, and that still makes us all feel so united because of all our differences.   




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