Professional Staff


Vacant, Coordinator 

Matthew Plaza, Office Staff 

Vanessa Smith, Office Staff 


Resident Staff

Our resident staff consists of one Head Resident and four Resident Advisors (RAs), two Alternate RAs, and one Network Administrator. These individuals are here to help you adjust to life in San José and to plan fun activities for you. They are students too, and understand your busy lifestyle. Our team is here to provide you a comfortable, enriching experience at the International House.


Kuyik, Head Resident


I am Kuyikabasi Effiong.  I was born in Lagos, Nigeria.  I am a graduate student currently pursuing a Master's degree in Engineering Management.  I enjoy traveling, reading novels, watching movies, conversations on all topics from history, to football, to philosophy, and I value friendship, loyalty, and family.  I love analysing problems and finding solutions, and I want to have a good life, leaving lasting and vivid memories on all the people I meet. 


Piero, Resident Advisor 


Hola hola! I’m Piero Miranda from Peru and I’m studying Applied Mathematics. I love playing and watching soccer. I’m a Barcelona fan! I love dancing, having adventures, going to the gym, and drinking tea. Yerba mate is my favorite! I love living in the house because I meet amazing people and build strong relationships!


Rishika, Resident Advisor 


Hello everyone!! My name is Rishika and I am from India. I am a Chemical engineering Major. I have a passion for cooking and I love to paint in my free time!! This is my first semester as a resident as well as an RA at I-house. I am super excited to experience the beauty of this house.


Susmitha "Sushu", Resident Advisor 


Hello! I am Susmitha, from Hyderabad, India. I am an Entrepreneurship major with a minor in Organizational Psychology. I like reading books, writing, and conversing with people in my free time. I have been living in the I-House since last year, and after having a wonderful experience as a resident, I decided to step into a role that can ensure the same for others! I am excited to meet new people and have amazing conversations :)) 

Ye Wint, Resident Advisor 

Ye Wint

Hello, I’m Ye Wint. I’m an international student from Yangon, Myanmar, with a major in mechanical engineering. I love to play video games, tinker with computers and mess around with anything tech. It’s my third semester at I-House and first semester as an RA. I’m excited to be a part of the team and look forward to an enjoyable semester!


Abraham, Network Administrator


I'm Abraham from India doing my graduate studies in Software Engineering.  I love photography, video editing, watching movies and reading.  I experienced the magic of I-House last semester and I'm looking forward to creating more beautiful friendships.


Ricardo, Alternate Resident Advisor 

Hello! My name is Ricardo Medina. I'm from Panama but I was born in Mexico, I'm 24 years old and in my third semester as a full-time student at San Jose State University, pursuing a degree in Professional Flight Pilot. Living at the I-house has been a fantastic experience, and it coincides with my third semester here. Outside of academics, I'm passionate about soccer, and I relish spending time at the beach to unwind and soak in the coastal beauty. 

Topanga, Alternative Resident Advisor 


Hi! I’m Topanga and I’m a 3rd year, studying Molecular Biology. I love reading books and manga, hanging out with people around the house, and going to concerts and musicals. Welcome to the I-House and come say “Hello” if you are in the area. 


Office Aides


Ervin, Office Aide 


Hello, My name is Ervin Joseph, but you can call me Ervin. I am a first generation Filipino-American from Watsonville, California. I started living at the house at the start of Spring 2023 and expected to stay until I graduate in the Spring 2024. I've started working for the I-House team as an Office Aide during the Fall 2023 semester. I am a Linguistics major, so living at the House has been very beneficial to my studies. I study mostly Japanese, but also want to learn Korean, Italian, Spanish, and Tagalog. Come stop by the office if you need anything or just want to talk. I especially like to talk about sports, gaming, crocheting, and movies.


Elizabeth "Elizaa", Office Aide 


Hi, I’m Elizaa! I’m currently pursuing my degree in journalism here at SJSU. Some things I enjoy are kpop, anime, and reading sci-fi novels. Nice to meet you! 


Ashley, Office Aide 


Hi everyone, my name is Ashley and I am a 4th year student at SJSU. I transferred into the school in Fall 2022 and am majoring in Aviation with minors in Business and Chinese. 


Vova, Building Aide