House Tour


Main Lobby

The main lobby is the primary entrance to the I-house. Residents gather around for a chat or just to fool around. We also have a receptionist in the evenings to welcome your guests.

Residents Milling Chatting in Main LobbyLobby

Formal Living Room

The formal living room is a very elegant, well furnished place where residents generally meet guests or just sit and relax. We also have a wonderful piano which residents can play!

Residents Relaxing in Living RoomFormal Living Room

Dining Room

The dining room is our favorite place! We can get nutritious breakfasts and dinners here. There is a wide variety of foods, and they are pretty tasty. If you are a vegetarian, you will still get plenty of choices! Much care has been taken to ensure the nutrition value of the food. Food surveys are conducted daily to obtain feedback from the residents. If you prefer your own cooking, you might be glad to know that there is a well-equipped student kitchen in the basement. Also food is served all night during final exams. That helps a lot during those stressful exams.

Apart from dining services, the dining room is used for a variety of other activities, like regional dinners, coffee night, orientations, cross-cultural simulations, and much more.

Dining RoomResdients in Dining Rooom

TV Room

The TV Room is the place where residents generally hang out in the evening and at night. We have a huge 64-inch TV with a cool home theatre system! It is a pretty nice place to sit, relax, and talk to fellow residents, while watching TV. During big games like the Super Bowl, everyone gathers in the TV room and has fun!

TV RoomTV Room study corner


You will often find yourself coming into the office to chat, buy stamps, make photocopies, or fax a document. This is the place where you check out keys for various facilities. In addition, we have five residents working part-time in the office as office assistants to help with the daily operations of the house.

Office Staff in 2009Kristen Pendleton and an Office Aide

Attractive Bedrooms

Bedrooms are really cozy and comfortable, yet spacious and with good air circulation. Rooms are fully furnished with bed, desk, chair, dresser, and walk-in closet.

You are free and encouraged to decorate them the way you want to. It is residents' responsibility to keep rooms clean, and one can check-out a vacuum cleaner from the office. Generally rooms are shared between two residents. Depending on the seniority and availability, residents can also opt for single bedrooms.

 Resident at DeskResident at Personal Computer

Girl at WorkBedroom with Flag

 Male Resident and His BedroomFemale Resident and Her Bedroom

Study Room

The study room is the most serious and super-quiet place in I-House. You will see all fun-loving and party people studying very seriously here! This is open round the clock, unlike school library study rooms. It can accommodate a lot of people and also has drafting board facilities.

Study Room

Wireless Access

Computer Lab & Internet

The computer lab is fully equipped with laser printer, scanner, and Internet. Residents are free to use them anytime they want to.

I-House provides Free 24x7 High-Speed wireless internet to all the residents. There are number of 802.11g (54 MBPS) wireless routers installed all over the house. If you do not have a wireless card, you can also check out the wireless card from the I-House office for temporary use!

Resident Working in Computer work

Recreation & Party Room

Equipped with pool table, foosball, air-hockey, mini-basketball, piano, TV set with DVD player and X-Box, etc. No weekend is a dull day at I-House!

These rooms are residents' favorite place for parties! It is the place where you can hang out, play pool, foosball, air-hockey, X-Box games, chess or watch movies on DVD! I-House parties are generally organized in this huge room, which is in basement and situated such that they won't disturb you at all while you are in your bed-room.

Residents Playing Fussball in Recreation RoomPool Tables in Party Room

Patio & Barbecue

The tree-covered patio is generally used for barbecue parties at I-House. You can even sit and relax here anytime and enjoy the fresh air.

PatioResidents around the Barbecue

Students' Kitchen

I-House has a fully equipped students kitchen for those who want to cook apart from meal-plan food, or sometimes like to cook food on weekends... The students' kitchen has even been completely renovated with maple cabinets and caesarstone countertops! It is fully equipped with all kinds of electric stoves, refrigerators, freezers, dinner tables, plates, bowls, and a TV set! Residents also have their own space inside the refrigerator and the freezers. The kitchen also has a collection of books which one can read while cooking.

Residents Storing Groceries in Student KitchenFacilities in Student Kitchen

Laundry Facilities

Laundry facilities are available inside the I-House! There are washers, driers, and iron tables inside the laundry room.

Laundry Facilities

Parking Sign

Reserved Parking Space

There are reserved parking slots available at the I-House premises. The rate for a parking space is $200.00 per semester.

Guests of the residents can use guest-parking at I-House during their visit by obtaining permission from the office.