Our Mission

SJSU International House
Mission, Vision, Values


Mission Statement

To provide a diverse and welcoming intercultural living environment, home to a community of approximately 70 U.S. and international students attending San Jose State University. With a supportive, skillful, and dedicated staff, offer opportunities to enhance academic success and participate in a myriad of activities.


Vision Statement

By living among a diverse group of U.S. and international students attending San Jose State University, residents of SJSU International House experience a wide variety of individuals, countries, and cultures. Through informal daily interactions and opportunities to participate in planned social activities, residents explore perspectives, share values, and develop life-long friendships.

Values Statement

We believe that:
Intercultural living experiences broaden the mind.

Deep, personal relationships developed while living with a highly diverse group of people from around the world promote respect and stimulate international cooperation and understanding.

Opportunities to take on leadership roles in a supportive, encouraging, intercultural home setting develop competent, inter-culturally aware leaders for the next generation