A Story to Tell

Juan Leandro del Viejo Domínguez
August 2008

Dear Leann, I am in Paris and two days I am coming back to Spain to see my family after one year. This last year has been the best of my life. I have written a little story that you could include in the newsletter or simply printed and post in the wall of the Ihouse.

There was a kid called Sarah. She was 12 years old. One windy and rainy night she was in the bed and she could not sleep. Her dad entered in the room. Sarah told the dad: -daddy, I cannot sleep; could you tell me a story?. The dad sitted in the bed beside her and at the same time he was stroking her dark hair he asked her -What kind of story would you like to listen?. Sarah answered -tell me the most beautiful dream that you ever had. The dad began. I had this dream a long time ago but it is as vivid as yesterday because it was so beautiful... I was living in a big "house"... Sarah was listening with the eyes wide open. There were people from all over the world. It is difficult to imagine a house so big. There were more than 70 people, girls and guys. There was a very big TV, table tennis, pool, video games, karaoke, foosball and you were able to play anytime you wanted. -Any time? asked Sarah. The dad answered -any time after finishing your homework; and both smiled. In this "house" you could hear different languages but all of them in harmony as a beautiful song. -How many languages dad?, Sarah asked. -As much that I cannot remember, answer the dad. Different cultures, different colours of the skin, different food habits and so on; but only one feeling: love and caring for each other. If you were sick other people took care of you, if your were sad someone was cheering you up and talking to you. It is true that sometimes there were problems and discussion but that problems were always solved after a dialogue. A lot of people ride bikes and use skates. Once every month there is a big party and every Tuesday all the people are invited to come to the "house". It is so wonderful place! If I have learnt something of that dream is that the language, colour of the skin, shape of the eyes and out appearance can be different but all the people have a heart and all the hearts bump at the same rhythms. But I am going to tell you a secret; I did not dream that, I lived there... but at that time Sarah already dreamt with an open smile.

PD: Thanks to all the people who made possible my stay in SJSU and in the International House.

Juan lived at International House from August 2007–June 2008