Creation or Modification of Degree Programs, Concentrations, and Special Emphases

Below are links to forms, templates and procedures for proposals for new and major modifications of existing curriculum degree programs (majors and concentrations). Any change in units within a course or program must be accompanied by a new catalog template that shows the change in unit subtotals and totals.  Electronic submission is required.  The proposals must first be reviewed by your college curriculum committee and then in succession by the GS&R Committee, the University Curriculum & Research (C&R) Committee, and the Provost.  New proposals must also be approved by the Chancellor's Office.  The entire process generally takes one year.  To minimize the time, it is recommended that proposers consult first with the Associate Dean of GS&R before committee submission so that issues can be addressed quickly before encountering a lengthier debate in committee.

The forms should be submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Studies, which will route them to the appropriate AVP for approval. 

Procedures and Template for Proposing New Degree Programs

Academic Major/Minor Program Creation or Change

New Degree Template (attach to Academic Major/Minor Program Creation or Change Form)

A new (Fall 2014) form is required for the discontinuation of a degree program, concentration or minor.  Note that degree programs should consult S99-4 Degree Termination for more information.  Complete the Discontinuation Proposal and notify Nicole Loeser, Curriculum Analyst, in Undergraduate Studies, regarding all discontinations as soon as possible.  Admission closures must be approved by April for Fall and September for Spring.