New Degree Programs, Concentrations, and Special Emphases

Proposals for new curriculum degree programs (majors and concentrations) are submitted to the Graduate Studies & Research (GS&R) Committee via the Office of Graduate Studies & Research. Electronic submission is preferred, although dropoffs at ADM 223A are also accepted. The proposals are reviewed in succession by the GS&R Committee, the University Curriculum & Research (C&R) Committee, the Provost, the President, and finally the Chancellor's Office. The entire process generally requires a minimum of one year and may require two years. To minimize the time and make smoother the process, it is recommended that proposers consult first with the Associate Dean of GS&R before committee submission so that issues can be addressed quickly before encountering a lengthier debate in committee.

The appropriate forms for course changes should be submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Studies, which will route them to the AVP of GS&R for approval. Any change in units within a course or program must be accompanied by a new catalog template (see below) that shows the change in unit subtotals and totals.

Procedures for Proposing New Degree Programs

Procedures for Submitting Proposals for New Options, Concentrations, Special Emphases, and Minors