Investigator Training and Policy Information

IRB Training

San Jose State University has contracted with CITI (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative) to provide tutorials for faculty/staff and students on responsible conduct in research.

CITI provides different types of modules for human subjects research depending upon the discipline area of the investigator. Please select from any one of the applicable modules. The training is required of SJSU faculty and staff who intend to conduct research involving human subjects or who intend to sponsor student research.

If you are a faculty/staff member doing the training for the first time, please attach the certificate to your IRB protocol, as it is not automatically sent to our office.

A student training module is also available through CITI. The training for students is recommended but not mandatory, unless it is part of a class assignment or the student is receiving federal funding for the research. Students should be aware that the sponsoring professor that signs off on their protocols must have completed the training requirement. If the professor has previously completed the training, it is not necessary to include the certificate with every student application.

The CITI training modules can be accessed online.

SJSU Human Subjects Policy

s08-7 Policy for Protection of Human Research Subjects (external link)

s05-3 Policy Recommendation Institutional Review Board - Human Subjects Training for Investigators (external link)

Federal Regulations

Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP)