Bertha Kalm Scholarship

The Bertha Kalm Scholarship cycle is currently closed.  Please check back in December 2015 for the new cycle.


This scholarship is the result of an endowment made by Bertha Kalm on behalf of her parents, Amanda and Charles Kalm.  She established the scholarship in 1995 expressly "to support graduate students in any field of instruction, who need financial assistance to continue their education, and who demonstrate a desire to make a difference for humanity." 

Awards are restricted to first-year students in a master's degree program at SJSU.  Only members of the faculty who mentor graduate students can forward the name and supporting information of an applicant.  Funds available for disbursement in this scholarship account vary from year to year, and the maximum award per student is posted after the scholarship opens. Applicants will be evaluated on the quality of scholarship that established eligibility for admission to the graduate program, a personal statement by the applicant regarding goals to be achieved by the master's degree, and the mentor's assessment of the applicant's potential success. Additional consideration will be given to applicants with financial needs.  There will be a maximum of one award per department or school.  

Bertha Kalm Scholarship Winners - 2015/2016

The Graduate Studies & Research Committee and San Jose State University are pleased to announce the winners of the 2015-2016 Bertha Kalm Scholarship.

Karly Comfort - Social Work

Lubayna Elahi - Biological Sciences

Long K. Lu - Aerospace Engineering

Lindsay Ress - Communicative Disorders and Sciences