Applying to the Undergraduate Program in Health Science

I Am Currently Undeclared or a Student in Another Major but Want to Apply to Health Science as a Major

If you are a current student at SJSU who is either undeclared, “assigned undeclared” or another major on campus, please note that like all majors on campus, Health Science is an impacted major.  In order to become a Health Science major, you must first submit an application.  Given the changing nature of the university and the California budget, the application process will change each semester.  Please be sure to check in with the Department of Health Science office at least once in the semester to make sure that you are on the list of people interested in applying to the major. 

If you wish to apply for the major, please do the following:

  1. Review the impaction criteria for Health Science.  Please note: While 2.6 is the minimum required SJSU cumulative GPA to apply for Health Science, students are ranked by their SJSU cumulative GPAs and admitted from the top down, beginning at 4.0 and continuing until all available slots are filled. Students must have completed 12 units at SJSU prior to applying for the Health Science major.
  2. Make an appointment with the CASA Student Academic Success Center to evaluate the likelihood that you will put forth a successful application and help you identify an alternate path to graduation if your academic performance makes it unlikely that you will be able to accepted to Health Science.
  3. Contact the Department of Health Science office to ensure that you are on the list of students interested in applying to the major. An online application will be emailed to you. 
  4. Submit an online application for consideration in the time period that applications are accepted. Although applications are due before the end of the semester, your previous semesters grades will be considered when reviewing applications.