F-1 Visa Applicants: How to Apply


If you need an F-1 visa to study in our program, please follow these steps:

1. Apply Online and Pay the Application Fee

Submit an online application and pay the $150 non-refundable application fee. We recommend applying at least 8 weeks prior to the program start date. 

You will receive a confirmation email from our admissions office with your User ID and PIN number to the Admissions Tracking Site (ATS). The ATS is the fastest and most efficient way to check your application status.

2. Submit Required Documents

Required documents must be submitted at least 6 weeks prior to the start date of your program. Email all required documents to igateways-admission@sjsu.edu

Application Materials for Academic and Test Preparation (ATP)

Application Materials for Semester at SJSU (SAS)

Please allow 5-7 working days for our admissions office to process your documents.

3. Pay Tuition

After all required documents have been processed, you will receive a tuition payment email with directions on how to pay tuition for your initial term. Review our refund policy prior to paying full tuition.

4. Receive I-20 and Apply for F-1 Visa

Our admissions office will prepare your I-20 package after we process your tuition payment. It generally takes 5-7 working days for our admissions office to prepare your I-20 package. We will also update the ATS with the package send date and tracking number (express mail only). I-20 packages sent by regular mail will not have a tracking number. 

5. Arrange Housing

International Gateways students are responsible for arranging their own housing. Visit our Housing page for more information.

For general housing questions, contact the Housing Liaison at igateways-housing@sjsu.edu 


6. Purchase Health Insurance

Purchase the health insurance plan available at International Gateways. Visit our Health Insurance page for more information.


 7. Report to the International Gateways Office

All new students are required to report to the International Gateways office as soon as they arrive in the United States but no later than the Friday (one working day) before the start of their session. You can find the last date to report to our office on your International Gateways acceptance letter.

You must bring your passport and original I-20 when you report to our office.