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Peers In Pride (PIP) Mentor Applications For Spring 2015

Applications are due
Monday, November 24th

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Q: What do the peer mentors do?

After completing the Spring training seminar, the PIPs welcome new LGBTQQI students to campus in the following fall semester. In addition to hosting numerous group social events, the PIPS are paired with 2-4 incoming students to provide personal mentoring.

Q: What does the training involve?

Peer mentors (PIPs) attend a 2.5 hr weekly seminar in the Spring semester. They learn skills related to peer counseling and assisting students in social and academic development. They also learn LGBTQQI history and meet leaders on campus.  The training seminar is required.

Q: What makes a mentor a good fit for this program?

  • Self-identification as an LGBTQQI student
  • Commitment to facilitate the academic, personal, and social development of new LGBTQQI students
  • Willingness to challenge own belief systems and stereotypes
  • Strong interpersonal skills with a willingness to learn advanced communication skills
  • Willingness to share own experiences for the purpose of self-growth and supporting others
  • Academic responsibility (including readings, discussion, field trips, and journal entries)
  • Strong record of meeting obligations (e.g., follow through, timely arrival, regular attendance)
  • Have completed at least one semester at SJSU and plan to enroll in the Spring and Fall of 2015

Q: What benefits do mentors receive:

  • Receive 2 credits of elective “Directed Reading” credits in the Spring 2015 semester
  • Form strong connections with other LGBTQQI identified students
  • Meet and network with faculty and staff who are LGBTQQI identified or allies
  • Potential letters of recommendations for future jobs or graduate school
  • Receive training in numerous areas, including: interpersonal communication skills, active listening skills, LGBTQQI identity development, LGBTQQI history and political movements, experiences of multiple oppressions for LGBTQQI students of color, cross-cultural communication skills, campus and community resources (including field trips), and time management, stress management.
  • And Swag!!!!

Q: Where can I learn more?

Consider talking to one of our current PIP mentors to learn more or meet with one of the program coordinators, Bonnie Sugiyama ( of the LGBT Center or Tova Feldmanstern ( of Counseling Services.

Applications are Due Monday, November 24th | Click here for an application (.doc)