Graduate Business Professional Fee Information

1. Why is the graduate business professional fee necessary?

Without the graduate business professional fee, the College of Business would not be able to continue to maintain its current AACSB International (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International) accredited business programs (i.e. MBA and MSA). As part of the College of Business, the Lucas Graduate School of Business is one of approximately 560 institutions worldwide - less than 5% of all business schools - accredited by the prestigious AACSB International.

2. Who made the decision to implement the graduate business profession fee?

The decision to implement the graduate business professional fee for coursework required in state-supported professional master’s of business degree programs was made by the California State University Board of Trustees on May 13, 2009.

3. Which degree programs at SJSU College of Business are affected?

  • Early Career MBA

  • MS in Accountancy

4. How much is the graduate business professional fee?

  • $254 per unit (which equals a semester hour) in addition to the current registration fees. For example, a 3-unit course would result in an increase of $762 of additional fees.

  • All courses that apply to the completion of the degree program will be subject to the fee.

5. When will this fee take effect?

  • The Graduate Business Professional Fee took effect starting with the Fall 2009 semester.

6. Will the fee be imposed on all students or just students starting in Fall 2009?

  • Both new and continuing students will be subject to the fee.

7. Does the fee apply to international and out-of-state students?

  • Yes, all students including international, in-state and out-of-state residents are subject to the Graduate Business Professional Fee.

8. How will the revenues generated from this fee be used?

Some of the ways the fee may be used include:

  • To maintain AACSB accreditation.

  • To attract and retain much-needed tenure-track faculty members to teach in the graduate program.

  • To support diversity recruitment of faculty and students.

  • To provide financial assistance to eligible students.

9. How will the fee benefit the students?

Students will receive:

  • Continued access to the business programs which meet the quality standard of AACSB with respect to the curriculum, faculty, and services.

  • Increased availability in financial assistance and student assistantships.

10. What if I can't afford this fee?

  • Immediately apply online with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA.

  • SJSU Financial Aid Office will determine ‘eligibility’ for each student, giving the professional fee increase full and significant consideration. How quickly the office is able to determine your ‘eligibility’ is based in large part on the completeness and accuracy of the information you provide in FAFSA.

  • All students determined to be ‘eligible’: (a) Can apply for State University Grant, Stafford Student Loans, and other scholarships; (b) Between 25-33 percent of the fee revenue will be set aside for financial aid.

11. How does this affect my current financial aid package?

In addition to your current aid, 25 percent of the fee revenue will be set aside for financial aid.