Testimonials from MST Alums

SJSU's MST program has both full-time and part-time students. Many students are working tax professionals in CPA firms, industry and government. Some students are earning an MST as part of a plan to change careers. Some students are completing their MST degree in between completion of their undergraduate accounting degree and entering the tax accounting profession. The mix of students offers a helpful professional networking environment.

What have alums said about the SJSU MST program?

Jasvir Deol
Frank, Rimerman + Co. LLP


 As a student who had just completed my undergraduate course work, I was nervous and excited to go straight on into a Master's program. The level of work was definitely different and demanded more of my time and there was no room to mess up. But I put my whole heart into the program and finished it a better person. I definitely grew as an accounting professional.

Besides the course work and the different areas of tax I was exposed to, my classmates were also a learning resource. Many of my classmates were working professionals in all areas of tax, from entry level associates to managers to those who worked in a corporate tax department. The experiences they shared in class about how they handled a tax problem added to my experience in the MST Program. I not only got a better understanding of tax, I was able to ask professionals who had been where I was, advice on how to be successful in starting my career.

The program does demand a lot of time and dedication, but it is worth it. The MST Program is highly regarded in the Silicon Valley and that is how I landed a job at Frank, Rimerman + Co. LLP. Professor Nellen and the other professors who teach in the program are well known in the tax community and employers know of the program's rigor. So, employers are interested in meeting SJSU MST students seeking to start a career in tax. I recommend the SJSU MST Program to anyone who wants to stand out to an employer and knows they want to be tax accountant.


Huan Jin

My time devoted to earning my MST at San Jose State went by quickly; when I finished my last class, it seemed that I had only started yesterday.  Thank you for helping me through the whole MST studies and also providing me valuable opportunities which resulted in an internship and successful start of a career at PwC.  The whole MST program is well designed and I feel that I truly learned a lot and found the courses and additional activities such as the personal leadership workshop so useful during the internship.   Thank you very much for providing such a great masters program.


Tuyet T. Vu, CPA, EA, MST
Vu & Associates

I recently completed the MST program at San Jose State University. The program provided me with excellent general tax knowledge and the ability to research complex technical issues and express the findings both verbally and in writing. I have been able to combine my MST knowledge together with my work experience to provide a high level of tax consulting for Fortune 500 Companies in Silicon Valley as well as continuing to grow my private tax practice that deals primarily with small businesses.


Rachel Luu
Tax Manager

Like many other full time working professionals, I started my MST program for additional tax knowledge to improve my career. I gained so much more. The professors, both full time and guests, imparted valuable technical knowledge that challenged each of us to excel as a true tax expert while balancing real life practicalities. The learning was enjoyable and memorable with a network of fellow students who shared the same goals - each class was filled with interesting discussions and good humor.

I acquired skills that help me in my job on a daily basis and made life long friends with students and faculty.


Olga Mavrody

I truly enjoyed being in the program. Most of the satisfaction comes from the quality of instructorship - each professor I met ignited my interest in the areas each of them taught and further reinforced my confidence in the decision to pursue the program and the tax profession.

I can't say enough "thank you's" to SJSU for developing and fostering such a rewarding program!