The program consists of 30-semester units with 10 required courses.   
Each course is 3-semester units.

Required Lecture Courses (8 courses, 24 units)
BUS 235C  Data Mining
BUS 243    Database Management
CMPE 256  Large Scale Analytics
CMPE 257  Machine Learning
DATA 294  Data Analytics Seminar
DATA 296  Special Topics in Data Analytics: Mathematical Methods with Computing
INFO 208  Big Data Technologies
INFO 215  Information Visualization

Required Project Courses (2 courses, 6 units)
DATA298AData Analytics Master's Project I
DATA298BData Analytics Master's Project II

Elective Courses
There are no elective courses for the first offering but additional courses could be added later.

Optional Course (1 course, 1 unit)
DATA 297Data Analytics Internship
Not required toward the degree; repeatable for Curricular Practical Training