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Online Courses on 
Sexual Assault Prevention and 
Alcohol Education


Incoming students who have not completed Part 1 of their assigned courses (see group letters below) now have holds placed on their ability to register for spring 2016 courses.  

  • All incoming graduate students must complete Haven.
  • All incoming undergraduate students must complete Haven and AlcoholEdu (a hold is placed for EACH course not completed).

To remove the hold(s):

Follow the directions in the letter below to log-in and complete part one of each assigned course.

Note: Once you complete the course(s) it may take up to two weeks to remove the hold(s), so please plan accordingly to avoid a registration access delay.

International Undergraduate Students

International Undergraduate Student Fall 2015 Instructions Letter

International Graduate Students
International Graduate Student Fall 2015 Instructions Letter

Incoming Graduate Students
Incoming Graduate Student Fall 2015 Instructions Letter

Incoming Undergraduate Students
Incoming Undergraduate Student Fall 2015 Instructions Letter

Questions about Haven or AlcoholEdu? Click on frequently asked questions (FAQ) buttons to the right.  

For technical support, call: (866)384-9062

For all other questions, contact:

San Jose Staté University is committed to creating a safe, healthy, and supportive learning environment for our whole community. In this spirit, and to comply with new federal Title IX/Campus SaVE Act mandates, SJSU now REQUIRES all incoming students to complete certain online course(s) stated in the group letters above.


Sexual Wellness
Marijuana and Other Drugs
Tobacco Free SJSU
Healthy Relationships 

To schedule an appointment for a health consultation, please call the Student Health Center Appointment line at  (408) 924-6122.

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Condom Co-Op