Vision 2017 Archive

As we embark on a new strategic planning process in 2017-18, the strategic planning steering committee has created a Vision 2017 report to highlight the tremendous work completed in our last strategic plan.

View the report online.

Vision 2017 was determined collaboratively using input from the university community. We will achieve our strategic goals by aligning our resources and, most notably, through the hard work and dedication of our faculty, staff, students and community members. The strategic framework [PDF] will guide San Jose State as we continue to pursue excellence. See how the campus is working together toward Vision 2017.

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Guiding Principles

A Strong and Unique Sense of Place. SJSU has a strong and unique sense of place, both physical and virtual, with modern learning spaces, gathering places and technology infrastructure. We create a welcoming, vibrant and safe environment that fosters a sense of belonging and Spartan pride.

Unbounded Learning. SJSU is an innovative, engaged learning community committed to preparing students with adaptive skills and knowledge for a global 21st century. Our highly regarded faculty members facilitate unbounded learning by actively engaging with students to provide a wide range of access to and delivery of learning content through in- and out-of- the classroom experiences.


    • SPARTAN PRIDE: Develop vibrant, safe and welcoming communities that create a sense of belonging and instill Spartan pride.
    • UNBOUNDED LEARNING: Enhance student success through continuous learning innovations.
    • HELPING AND CARING: Create a culture of helping.
    • AGILITY THROUGH TECHNOLOGY: Improve organizational responsiveness through an advanced technology infrastructure and by elimination of procedural obstacles.
    • 21st CENTURY SPACES: Provide gathering spaces and up-to-date facilities.