About the Course

How to Get Started

Register for the Course

Interns must be registered for RTVF 198 while they are doing the internship; retroactive credit is not allowed according to department and university policy. If you are not registered for the class, you will not receive credit, regardless of whether you completed the internship work.

NOTE: Students MAY NOT substitute TA 198 for RTVF 198; students may take TA 198 for elective credit, but RTVF 198 is a major requirement and cannot be substituted.

Read Up on It

Interns must download and read the following documents before they do anything else. As with every other class, the Internship Course (RTVF 198) has a syllabus, required assignments, and paperwork

  • RTVF Internship Contract (link): This contract establishes the student assignment with the site. Students may not begin work before submitting a contract with required signatures from the internship site.
  • RTVF 198 Syllabus (link): The syllabus contains a thorough explanation of all requirements and the semester schedule, which lists the various deadlines for required paperwork.

Secure an Internship

Interns should use the first two weeks of the semester to secure an internship. They should contact organizations where they would like to work and complete any required applications or interviews. The internship director can discuss assignment possibilities with student interns (prior student placements, etc.) but ultimately, students must secure their own internship. All internship assignments must be approved by the internship director.

Orientation Meeting and Forms

Check syllabus for date, time, and location of the orientation meeting. By this time, student interns should have chosen their internship and completed an internship contract. Students must not begin work before submitting a contract (complete with Hold Harmless, Informed Consent Statement) with required signatures from the internship site. Again, students and supervisor must fill out and sign the Internship Contract before any work is done.

The Final Course Meeting

Attend the final course meeting and submit all required documents. Check the syllabus for date, time, and location. All final paperwork is due by this meeting, including the site supervisor’s evaluation.