Mike Adams

Mike AdamsOffice: HGH 128
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Mike Adams followed his passion for radio to Ohio University in Athens, where he had a hard time attending to his undergraduate degree in the l960s because of his love for broadcasting. But participating in college radio as an announcer and news reporter paid off when  he found employment as a "top-40" disc jockey during the "golden age" of rock and roll AM radio, spending twelve years as DJ and Program Director of legendary station WCOL-AM in Columbus, Ohio. Finally becoming bored with commercial radio, he returned to college and completed his graduate work in film, with an emphasis on social documentaries, at Ohio State University.

Moving to Los Angeles in the 1970s, Professor Adams made documentary films and taught at several universities, among them California State University, Fullerton. Currently, he is an instructor of radio, television, and film at San José State University, where for ten years he served as Chair of the Department of Television, Radio, Film and Theatre, and the Associate Dean of the College of Humanities and the Arts. He remains in radio as faculty advisor to his department's FM station, KSJS 90.5.

Professor Adams has presented papers on broadcast history topics at conferences sponsored by the Broadcast Education Association (BEA), the IEEE, the Antique Wireless Association (AWA), and the Audio Engineering Society (AES). In 1995, the AWA awarded him the prestigious "Houck Award" for historical documentation. He is active in the San Francisco Bay Area historical radio community; he is the Board Chairman of the California Historical Radio Society.

Professor Adams has authored numerous articles for historical radio journals and periodicals as well as two books on radio and television production, the biography Charles Herrold, Inventor of Radio Broadcasting. He also has produced an EMMY-nominated video series for PBS called Radio Collector. He is the producer-writer-director of the PBS documentary Broadcasting's Forgotten Father: the Charles Herrold Story. His current research project is inventor Lee de Forest.