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We are very proud of our faculty and staff. What makes our major unique is that you have Professors teaching you from the beginning of your freshman year (introductory courses) all the way through to your senior seminars. And many of our staff members also share their expertise by teaching courses.

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The Green Ninja is a climate-action superhero who fights global warming by inspiring informed personal action. A series of webisodes highlight the adventures of the Green Ninja as he negotiates some of the trickiest areas in climate science. Accompanying resources highlight the facts behind the webisodes and offer more detailed science for the interested individual. Also available, are educational resources for teachers to bring the Green Ninja into the classroom.

The Green Ninja project is a collaborative effort between scientists, educators, and artists to create compelling experiences that illustrate the connections between humans and our changing climate. The goal is to inspire personal action to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. The project is based at San Jose State University (SJSU) and includes faculty from the College of Science, College of Humanities and the Arts, and Spartan Film Studios. The Green Ninja concept was created by Babak Sarrafan, professor of film at SJSU.

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