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Welcome to the 2019/2020 school year! 


Introducing our newly credentialed teachers:

Dustin Bryan

Indira Chari

Sarah Lofgren

Rachel Melgarejo

Kaitlynn Myers

Suzette Pangrle

Kevin Salladay

Deborah Shelton

Sonnet Sparacino

Patrick Tam

Sylvie Thomas-Droz



Science Teacher Preparation and Development in the Heart of Silicon Valley

The Science Education Program at San Jose State University is well positioned to meet the increasing demand for well-qualified and prepared science teachers in our community. Our program focuses on three aspects of science teacher education: recruitment and undergraduate experiences, pre-service training and preparation at the credential level, and professional development for in-service science educators. Our network of partners within SJSU and with school districts in the greater San Jose area ensures that our students receive essential hands-on training to fully prepare themselves for careers as science educators.  

Spotlight on SJSU MA Student and Teacher Candidate George Kerber and Alum Ron Hamby

Teacher Candidate, George Kerber, was featured in a post from SJSU Lurie College of Education on Instagram

SJSU alum, Ron Hamby, who earned both his teaching credential and his MA in Science Education served as a Stem Teacher and Researcher (STAR) and is featured in the following video.

Science Education Resource Center 

The Science Education Resource Center contains over 5000 science resources in the thematic areas of Earth Science, Physical Science, and Life Science.