Restraining Order

Spartans for Safety - Intimate Partner and Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is against the law and help is available to you and your children.

You may be able to get a restraining order, which can do the following:

  • Order the abuser not to interfere with, bother, or menace you or your children
  • Order the abuser not to enter your home, school or workplace
  • Order the abuser to move out of your home
  • Award you temporary custody of your children

You can get a restraining order against anyone, including:

  • Your husband/wife/domestic partner
  • Your ex-husband/ex-wife/ex-domestic partner
  • An adult related to you by blood or marriage
  • The other parent of your minor child
  • Someone with whom you now live in a sexual relationship
  • Someone with whom you lived in a sexual relationship in the last 2 years

One of the people above must have:

  • Injured you
  • Tried to injure you
  • Made you afraid of being seriously injured
  • Forced you to have sex

The abuse must have occurred within the last 6 months and you must be in immediate danger of further abuse.

You do not need an attorney to get a restraining order.

The restraining order is FREE.

You have the right to file criminal charges against your abuser, whether or not you have a restraining order.  If you want to press charges call the district attorney in your county.

For more information visit the California Court government website