What to Do if Your Friend or Family Member is the Abuser in a Violent Relationship

Spartans for Safety - Intimate Partner and Domestic Violence

You Can Help Someone Who Is Abusive

Refer to Person to Help

If the person who is abusing is an SJSU student you can refer them to Counseling Services.

If the person is a faculty or staff member then they can be referred to Human Resources for resources to counseling.

Call the Police if You Witness an Assault

University Police Department, 408-924-2222 or 9-1-1

Be a Role Model for Healthy Relationships

Treat your friends and partners with respect.

Tell the Person

If you feel safe to do so tell the person that controlling and violent behavior is not OK. This behavior is a sign that the person has a problem and needs help. 

Take a Stand Against Abusive Behavior

Confront jokes about physical, sexual or emotional violence.  Don't reinforce abusive behavior by laughing, minimizing, or ignoring an act of violence or a threat.