Completed Masters Theses & Comprehensive Exams


  • Brown, William III
    The Muse of Fire: Exploring Origin Stories of Shakespeare Professionals

  • Peterson, Kimberly
    A Versitile Group of Investigative Theatre Practitioners: An Examination and Analysis of "The Civilians"

  • Sawyer, Paul R.
    Lenses of Change: Angels in America Through Boal, Chekhov and Valdez (CE)











  • Clark, Kim
    Contemporary Christian Music and Amy Grant

  • Igoe, John (Jack)
    Computer-based tools and techniques for script breakdown and scheduling

  • Kraemer, Kristi
    Creative Dramatics: understanding teachers' perspectives


  • Chilcott, Karen Babbit
    The Taboo of Holocaust Humor in Theatre, Film and Television

  • Guilford, William
    Adolescent Self-esteem: theatre plays a leading role

  • Guiterrez, Osiel
    The Horrifying Transformation of the Female Monster

  • Hodgen, Wendy
    An Examination of the Unlikely Success of Whoopie Goldberg As a New Kind of Movie Icon


  • Abdelmoisen, Iman
    Belly Dance Iconography and Performance: Western and Middle Eastern perspectives

  • Augustine, Elanya
    Elementary Education and Theatre Arts (interdisciplinary)

  • Chesnut, Donna
    Performer Code: features that define star performance

  • Dallas, Barnaby
    Play, Photoplay and Screenplay: dramatic principles from theater to cinema

  • Dalton, Dawn
    A historical look at the paparazzi phenomenon of the twentieth century

  • Himes, Amy
    Between two mirrors: feminist performance in theory and practice

  • Long, Laura (winner OUTSTANDING THESIS College & University level)
    The meaning of the body in performance: cross cultural casting and racial identity

  • Nichols, Dona
    The city as dramatic character

  • Thigpen, Heidi
    Movement for the masses: An interdisciplinary study of the performance of marching


  • Anderson, Yvette Michelle
    Subjectivity and male stardom heterosexual female desire and male performer bodies

  • Smith, Yvette
    Censorship mechanisms in the theatre of the German Democratic Republic 1971-1989

  • Taylor, Kelly S. (winner OUTSTANDING THESIS College & University level)
    Shakespeare's verbal and visual relationship : from silent film to Kenneth Branagh


  • Lin, Hsiang-Hsiu
    Modern modes of Chinese dance

  • Myrvold, Paul
    Bodily risk in performance: aesthetics of high wire acts

  • White, Kathy
    Mirrors and dance culture: modes of response to the dancer's self-image


  • Bergeson, Sherry
    Sexual identity, cultural difference, and film performance

  • Black, Anya
    Evaluation of performance values in daytime soap opera

  • DeKraker Lang-Ree, Laura Elizabeth
    Technically dramatic

  • Wu, Yi-Chun.
    Reappraising the cultural identity of Chinese classical dance


  • Lumley, Glynis E.
    Peter Gabriel's global performance aesthetic

  • Asaumi, Wakaba
    Akira Kurasowa's Image of Women in Throne of Blood


  • Gotcher, Barbara Ann.
    Authorship and performance: a designer's perspective

  • Gutto, Kathleen M.
    Two yet one : defining romance and the courtship ritual through the Astaire and Rogers duet dances of the 1930s

  • Lee, Gordon A. (winner OUTSTANDING THESIS College & University level)
    Perceiving Ingmar Bergman's The Silence through I Ching

  • Snider, Catherine Dana
    Teaching Broadway : musical theater pedagogy in the classroom

  • Zsadanyi-Yale, Amy Elizabeth.
    Grotesque costume in dance performance


  • Broda, Joseph
    Jung and The Godfather movies : analyzing film from an archetypal perspective

  • Hale, Andrew J.
    How voice operates in popular culture through the performance persona of Muhammad Ali

  • Hogg, Tanya Louise.
    Dance aesthetics in music video: 1981-1994

  • Montrezza, Gary Lee
    Kwanzaa in the intercultural performance context

  • Sung, Bih-Tau
    The development of a movement style incorporating Western modern and traditional Chinese classical dance


  • De Wald, Charles
    The ritual dramas of El Teatro Campesino

  • George, Susan Andre
    Follow your enthusiasm: the Jim Henson performance aesthetic

  • Noah, Sarah
    Historical figures in film : the celluloid Christ

  • Popalisky, David J.
    The dancing self exposed : autobiography in dance performance

  • Shepard, William R.
    Computer aided scenic design : resistance to CAD and design of Red Noses

  • Weinert, Kevin Dean.
    Picturing the theater : recontextualization in pictorial dramatic representation

  • Valenti-Hilliard, Beverly
    Propaganda by choice : how propaganda theatre works in the church-sponsored, state-funded, AIDS education play Choices


  • Bergmann, Janis
    Incorporating performance analysis in the training of an actor

  • Markoff, Luba
    Dance in the political arena : the Federal Dance Project and Helen Tamiris

  • McNelly, Merridee K.
    Defining and implementing performance analysis as a teaching method

  • Morse, Donna M.
    An Investigation of the relationship between narrative dance and language arts skills

  • Panitchpakdi, Pip (winner OUTSTANDING THESIS College level)
    Dusit Thanee : the city of fourth paradise: a political theatre of King Rama VI of Thailand

  • Saxon, Belinda
    Borrowing from the East: a study of types of Western theatre adaptations of Chinese opera, Japanese noh, and kabuki


  • Evans, Mary Ann
    Yoruba culture and Brechtian convention : decoding converging traditions in Wole Soyinka's The Road for theatre production

  • Buckley, Elisa L.
    Non-traditional casting in deaf-related theatre

  • Andersen-Wyman, Dana Victor
    Art in tension with technology : exploring the human dilemmas


  • Ammerman, Candace Elaine
    Meaning in dance and its music : a model based on metaphor

  • Barefoot, Sybil
    Sartre--in struggle with god : an examination of selected plays

  • De Jong, Tammy
    Marketing and modern dance

  • Jewett, Charles

  • Munroe, Kristin Ruby
    Proposal for a theatrical avenue to health for promotion controllers: Bulimia Nervosa as a case study

  • Neal, Harry.
    Sunday evening in the park

  • Ragusano, Nicholas A.
    Implementating the theatre/drama portion of the visual and performing arts framework in the elementary schools of the San Ramon Valley Unified School District

  • Tillis, Steve (winner OUTSTANDING THESIS College & University level)
    Towards an aesthetics of the puppet

  • Wadsworth, Rita Faye
    Lifetime theater : a model for community theater based on the philosophy of Martin Buber

  • Zaro, Gary
    An examination of the similarities between theatre and ice hockey


  • Bradshaw, Kevin Thomas Clifford
    An Analysis of the function of lead types as found in the musicals My Fair Lady and Sweeney Todd

  • Carter, Tom
    The Record of a creative project in directing Yours, Anne

  • Watkins, Gregory Keith
    A Dramatic application of Susanne Langer's aesthetic symbolism


  • Burdick, Joan Hunt
    The paradox of Jack Cole : innovative choreographer--celebrity unknown

  • Hayman, Elizabeth F.
    Team theatre as a behavioral change agent for corporations

  • Leon, Maria T.
    The application of expressionist visual effects to modern dance

  • Otto, Pamela Walden
    The Tanztheater aesthetic of Pina Bausch

  • Trinkle, Jane
    A study of storytellers in the Pacific Region of the United States

  • Scozzari, Frank.
    Application of theories of comedy to Woody Allen's Play It Again, Sam

  • Stone, Karen
    An historical investigation of the choreographic styles of Merce Cunningham and James Waring and their influence on post-modern dance