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How to Apply

Now that you are ready to apply to a program:

  1. Navigate to that specific program brochure on the Spartans Abroad Portal and click on the “Apply Now” button.
  2. Select “Log in using SJSU ID” and follow the normal DUO login security measures for the university.
  3. Complete the simple Study Abroad Application for the program and submit it by the deadline.

Pro Tips:

  • Submit: Be sure to click on the “Submit Your Application” button after you’ve completed all the required fields on the Study Abroad Application.
  • Deadline: Be sure to apply before the application deadline. Scroll down to the Important Deadlines 
  • Review: Normally application review happens after the deadline unless noted otherwise. 
  • Decision: Unless a specific decision date is noted on the Program Overview page, decisions are usually emailed to students about 1-3 weeks after the application deadline. 
  • Additional Application for ISEP & CSU IP: In addition to applying on the Spartans Abroad Portal, all ISEP and CSU IP applicants need to create accounts and complete additional applications on the ISEP and CSU IP websites before a decision can be made. 
  • Non-SJSU Students: Open University students are able to apply for our Faculty-Led Programs (FLP). When you click on the “Apply Now” button you will need to select the “Log in for Non-SJSU Students” to create an account before filling out  the specific program application.

Important Deadlines

Fall & Spring Programs

Term SJSU Exchange CSU IP ISEP Exchange * ISEP Direct
Fall Only or Academic Year (Fall & Spring) February 15 February 15 March 1 Varied
Spring Only or Calendar Year (Spring & Fall) September 15 September 15 September 15 Varied

*ISEP programs have varying application dates. It is critical to discuss ISEP programs with Vid Raatior (book an appointment or ISEP coordinator early on, in order to ensure you meet the early priority application deadlines for the ISEP Exchanges and the varying deadlines for the ISEP Direct programs.

Summer & Winter Programs

Term Faculty-Led Programs (FLP)** Summer School Abroad (SSA) Alternative Break Programs (ABP)
Summer January March March
Winter September N/A N/A

**View specific Short-Term Program deadlines here. More detailed deadlines for Faculty-Led Programs (FLP) will be provided to you in your Acceptance letter and on the Spartans Abroad Portal.

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