Big Data

Big Data at SJSU

San Jose State University - located in the heart of Silicon Valley - is surrounded by companies producing and manipulating large data sets. Our program is focused on optimizing these very data sets into useable and dynamic troves of significant policy and programmatic change agents.  Giving each researcher and student on campus the tools to work with... and analyze these large pools of information in such a way as to positively affect each of our lives.

Using Daniel Kusnetzky's 2010 article in ZDNet entitled "What is Big Data?", his definition of big data is, "In simplest terms, the phrase "big data" refers to the tools, processes and procedures allowing an organization to create, manipulate, and manage very large data sets and storage facilities. Does this mean terabytes, petabytes or even larger collections of data? The answer is yes." 

SJSU will be engaging is a variety of projects over the next few months and we invite each of our website readers to make suggestions through our contact us page.