Partner With Us

At the College of Professional and Global Education, we value our partnerships as an opportunity for collaboration and growth. Various partnership opportunities allow both the university and partner to expand their possibilities and maximize impact at their university, in their organization and in the community.

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As the facilitator of partnership opportunities across the global community, CPGE plays a crucial role in fostering international collaborations and enhancing the university's global presence.

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Our partnerships at SJSU strive to enhance the workforce, broaden the career outlook of participants and promote entrepreneurship.

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SJSU fosters a culture of innovation and research across various disciplines. Through partnerships, organizations can collaborate with SJSU's faculty and researchers and leverage the university's resources for mutual benefit.

Why Partner With Us?

Entrepreneurship and Innovation:

Encouraging collaboration between startups, organizations, and academic communities can foster entrepreneurship and innovation.

Academic Collaboration

Facilitating joint academic programs and exchange opportunities allows for sharing of expertise and diverse perspectives that enriches the educational experience for students and faculty.

Cultural Exchange

Organizing cultural events, celebrations, and exchange programs can promote cross-cultural understanding and appreciation, creating a more inclusive and diverse learning environment.

Professional Development Opportunities

Continuous learning opportunities for working professionals through workshops and seminars.





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