Professional & Service Activity

Professional & Service Activity

  • American Anthropological Association
    Professional Service Activities, 1995-3000


    Race and Cultural Diversity-Related projects focused on disseminating anthropological knowledge to the public, to educators, and to policy makers.

    Key Advisor and Member of Advisory Board for Ford Foundation Grant  & NSF-funded Public Education project on Race and Human Variation, RACE: Are We So Different. Included designing traveling museum exhibit and website: 1999-2007. Currently working on Pre-College Activities.

    Member of AAA taskforce to construct AAA position statement on “race”.  1997-8.

    Member of AAA Taskforce to provide input to the Census Bureau on Racial/Ethnic Categories for the Census. Office of Management & Budget.

    Member of Taskforce and  Editorial Committee: : AAA Volume on Cultural Diversity in the United States.

    Other AAA Service Activities:

    Elected to Board of Association for Feminist Anthropology [3 year position].  Co-chaired nominations & travel grants committees.

    Member of Electronic Advisory Committee on AAA Web-Site: Fall 1997-Fall 1998. Editorial Committee –contributor to Report and Recommendations to AAA.

  • Cultural Diversity-Multicultural Education
    Workshops on Cultural Diversity and Multicultural Education, 1984-3000


    2007. How Real Is Race? Biological and Cultural Perspectives from Anthropology.  Workshop for AlumniCollege Day, San José StateUniversity, October 6, 2007. With R. Henze.

    2006. Co-organizer and Presenter, Teacher Training Workshop for RACE museum exhibit, Science Museum of Minnesota, St. Paul,Minnesota. Oct. 5.

    1995-- Organizer & Presenter: w/Patricia Higgins. Workshop on Cultural  Diversity for West Virginia pre-college teachers and administrators. Sponsor:  FACDIS:  West Virginia Consortium for Faculty and Course Development in International Studies.Morgantown,West Virginia.  August 1-5.

    1993--  Workshop  Presenter and Consultant for University  of  Santa Clara, Project on Integrating Multicultural Perspectives into  Social Science courses. May 1993 [and continuing consultancy].

    1992-  Co-organizer  and Coordinator. Anthropology  and  Multicultural Education after the Quin-centennial: A Workshop for Teachers.  All  day workshop for pre-collegiate teachers in conjunction with Annual  Meetings, American Anthropological Association. Dec.1992, San Francisco.

    1990-  "Intersecting Gender and Ethnicity: Identifying the Issues  and Setting the Agenda". Invited Presentation. Session on Gender, Ethnicity  and  Classroom Interaction.  State-wide  Conference:  "Celebrating Diversity: Preparing the Educators of Today for the Schools of  Tomorrow" coordinated by Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC).   January 18-19. Oakland,California.

    1987---  "Integrating Multicultural Perspectives into  Teacher  Education"  Workshop Organizer/Presenter,San Diego StateUniversity,SchoolofEducation        

    1987----"Cultural Literacy: Preparing CSU Students for the Year 2000". Formal  talk plus hands-on workshop. CSU Hayward,  Faculty  Symposium, Cross-Cultural Perspectives in the Curriculum.

    1986--  Chair & Conference Organizer, CSU  System-Wide  Chancellor's Office  Invited 2-Day Conference, Effective Teacher Preparation for  a Multicultural  California, l986. An inter-campus  committee coordinated a conference involving interdisciplinary teams from 19 CSU campuses.

    1986--Multiculturalism in Teacher Education.  California  Association for Bilingual Education (CABE), annual conference, San Francisco.

    l984----Simulation  Games  for Teaching  Cultural  Awareness. Symposium for General Education Faculty in Professional/Technical Majors Honors program, CaliforniaStatePolytechnicUniversity,Pomona,California.

  • Gender-Science-Math-Technology
    Related Workshops and Presentations, 1983-1996


    1996—Invited participant, Commonwealth Conference on Women and Mathematics.  Held following GASAT Conference, Ahmedabad, India.

    1996-Participant and Presenter, GASAT [Gender and Science and Technology Conerence, Ahmedabad, India]

    1986-1987- Administrative Fellow, San Francisco State University, Coordinated Campus Response to CSU Task Force Report on Representation of Women in Math, Science and Engineering. Produced policy report and comprehensive set of recommendations.

    1985-1987. Appointed to California State University Chancellor's System-Wide Task Force  on  Representation of Women in Math, Science  and  Engineering, l985-1987. Chaired sub-committee on students. Participated in Final Task Force Report.

    1987--"Women's  Studies and Science/Technology: An  Awkward  Relationship?" Panel on Women in Science & Technology. Women's Council of  the StateUniversity,Sacramento, Spring l987.

    1987—Consultant & Participant, Conference of Women Engineering Faculty in CaliforniaStateUniversitySystem.Los Angeles, March 1987. Organized by Chancellor's Office, CSU.

    1986----Integrating Cross-Cultural and Cross-Gender Perspectives  into Mathematics  Education. Workshop for secondary school  math  teachers, California Mathematics Leadership Council, Chico.

    1983-5---Consultant to PACE (Program for Achievement in Computing and Engineering),  a  program to increase the participation of  women  and minorities in the applied sciences. Chico.

  • Other Professional Service Activities
    Reviewer, mentor, guest lectures, 1981-3000


    Reviewer for NSF grants, other major national professional journals [e.g. Signs], PhD dissertations.

    Spencer Foundation Faculty mentor for Harvard School of Education graduate student, Ms. Seeta Pai.

    Participant  in other "applied" oriented  conferences  related  to multicultural education, women in science and engineering, family-work issues,  linguistics minorities, internationalizing undergraduate education.

    Over 70 invited lectures and presentations in classrooms and  at public forums  on and off-campus, including to non-academic audiences (e.g. American Association of University Women)