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Mukhopadhyay, Carol C

Publications & Presentations


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2009. Sati or Shakti: An Update in Light of ContemporaryU.S.Presidential Politics.   Paper presented at American Anthropological Association Meetings, November 2009, San Francisco.

2007. RACE: A Teacher’s Guide for High School., Prepared by: J.Jones, M.M. Overbey, A. Goodman, C. Mukhopadhyay, Y. Moses, and A. Beckrich.  American Anthropological Association.  On RACE project website:

·       Mukhopadhyay: Introduction to Part 2 & 3; and several lesson plans.

2007:   "Gender, Family, Schooling Linkages in India: The Case of Science".  Manuscript being revised for Comparative Education Review. 

2004. Invited Conference Participant and Presenter.  International Seminar on  “Women in science:  Is the glass ceiling disappearing?, organized by NISTADS, National Institute of Science and Technology Development Studies, Cosponsored by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India; Indian Council of Social Science Research; and the Indo-US Science and Technology Forum. March 8-10, 2004.  New Delhi, India. 

2004.  The Cultural Context of Gendered Science: Images of Science and Scientists.  Paper presented at annual meetings, Society for Cross-Cultural Research. San Jose, California.

2004. The Cultural Context of Gendered Science: the Case of India. 350 pp. Book-length manuscript presents findings from a long-term partially-NSF funded,  field research project on the scientific gender gap in India.  Manuscript analyzes survey and short narrative data from over 1500 pre-college students in four Indian cities to “test” an ethnographically based theory of girls’ science-related academic choices. Manuscript accessible:

2003. Chair and Discussant. Feminism, Militarism, and PeaceBuilding: Research and Theory on Women’s Responses to Collective Violence.  American Anthropological Association Meetings. 2003. Chicago

2001. "Gender, family, school linkages in India: the issue of dowry".  Paper for panel on Dowry in India.  Annual Meetings, Center for South Asian Studies.  Berkeley, CA. [28 pp.]

Co-Organizer with Seeta Pai,  Culture, Gender and Education: A Conversation Between Anthropology and Comparative Education.  Comparative and International Education Society [CIES] annual meetings.  Wash DC.  March 2001. 

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Co-organizer and Chair. Presidential-Sponsored Invited Session. “IF  RACE  DOESN’T EXIST....”: A CONVERSATION AMONG THE  SUBDISCIPLINES. Annual Meetings, American Anthropological Association. Nov. 1997.  With Yolanda T. Moses.

"Women's Educational Achievement in South Asian and American  Contexts."  Manuscript [36 pp..]

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Albatross:   An  Experiment  in  Cross-Cultural  Understanding.   Live   demonstration  of this simulation. Scripted and narrated.  Fall  1990. CaliforniaSTateUniversity,Chico. TV studio. CD VERSION AVAILABLE

Using Simulations to Teach About Cultural Awareness: BaFa BaFa.   With Luisa Navejas and Adam Morgan. Scripted and narrated. CSUChico. 1987