Multi-Physics And Circuit (M-PAC) Lab

Mission: Development of novel materials, devices and circuits for a more sustainable world

Principal Investigator: Dr. Hiu-Yung Wong (

Capabilities and Resources:

  • TCAD, ab initio and SPICE simulations
  • Quantum computing simulation and access to hardware
  • 400K to 4.2K (cryogenic) IV and CV measurements, RF charaterization (100kHz to 26.5GHz)
  • In-house fulll analog neuromorphic inference circuit simulation


  • Cryogenic Electronics/ Quantum Computing
  • TCAD/Simulation Augmented Machine Learning
  • Radiation Hardness
  • WBG/UWBG Devices and Circuits
  • Neuromorphic Computing IC Design
  • Device Physics
* Students have co-authored paper (Publication list).
We are fortunate to have students from very diverse disciplines including Electrical Engineering, Quantum Technology, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Aerospace Engineering, Applied Mathematics.