M-PAC Group News

  • 9/2022: Dr. Wong repsented the paper "Quantum Computing and Information Specialization in Electrical Engineering Master Degree", in IEEE Quantum Week to talk about the specialization in our EE degree.
  • 9/2022: We presented 3 papers in SISPAD 2022 in Garanda, Spain, including qubit readout noise simulation, cryogenic transport, and inverse design using machine learning with TCAD.
  • 8/2022: Congratulations to Tom! His paper "Robust Cryogenic Ab-initio Quantum Transport Simulation for LG=10nm Nanowire" is accepted to Solid-State Electronics. 
  • 8/2022: Together with Formfactor, Inc., Dr. Wong presented a beginner's guide to quantum computing webinar. One can watch the recording after registration:https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/4737952159292245774 
  • https://www.formfactor.com/blog/2022/webinar-a-beginners-guide-to-quantum-computing/ 

Group Photo

Introduction to Quantum Computing: From a Layperson to a Programmer in 30 Steps

  • 4/2022: Congratulations to Paul and Tom for their neuromorphic computing papers accepted to IEEE Access and AICAS 2022.
  • 3/2022: Dr. Wong served as a co-chair of the quantum computing session at the 2022 Silicon Valley Women in Engineering Conference to promote quantum computing to female engineers. https://2022.siliconvalleywie.org/schedule-at-a-glance/ 
  • 2/2022: Dr. Wong received the 2022 Curtis W. McGraw Research Award (ASEE Engineering Research Council)


  • 2/2022: Congratulations to Prabjot! Her paper on cryogenic Si carrier mobility modeling is accepted to IEEE TED.
  • 1/2022: Dr. Wong talked about the importance of using TCAD simulation in research and education in Synopsys' Blog:


  • 12/2021: Dr. Wong served as the Mace Bearer in the Fall 2021 Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering Commencement Ceremony.
  • 11/2021: Dr. Wong is awarded the "Silicon Valley AMDT Endowed Chair in Electrical Engineering".
  • 10/2021: Congratulations to Prabjot Dhillon for being selected as the Fall 2021 Davidson Student Scholar to work on her Master Thesis on Cryogenic Device Optimization.
  • 9/2021: Dr. Wong will give a talk on "TCAD/SPICE-Augmented Machine Learning for Defect and Variation Study" on Oct. 15, noon-1pm PST, in the IEEE EDS SCV-SF Chapter seminar. https://site.ieee.org/scv-eds/
  • 8/2021: We are awarded an NSF NRT grant for QIST.https://www.linkedin.com/posts/research-innovation-sjsu_congrats-to-physics-professors-hilary-hurst-activity-6849735128189681664-tGX_
  • 7/2021: Together with Virginia Tech, we are awarded a Future Manufacturing Grant from NSF to enable cybermanufacturing using machine learning and TCAD. https://www.nsf.gov/awardsearch/showAward?AWD_ID=2134374&HistoricalAwards=false
  • 6/2021: We have 3 papers accepted to SISPAD 2021, including a quantum computing paper, a cryogenic TCAD modeling paper, and a LSTM paper on TCAD. Thanks to the hard work by Hector, Prabjot, and Fanus.
  • 5/2021: Dr. Wong talks about the new Quantum Information and Computer Specialization in the EE master program in the Engineering Magazine.
  • 5/2021: Congratuations to Dr. Wong for receiving the prestigious Newnan Brothers Award for Faculty Excellence this year from the College of Engineering. https://www.sjsu.edu/engineering/distinctions/awards/index.php
  • 4/2021: Congratulations to our undergraduate student Harsaroop who has his journal paper on TCAD machine learning accepted to IEEE TED.
  • 3/2021: Congratulations to our undergraduate student Adam who has his journal paper on SRAM radiation accepted to IEEE TED.
  • 2/2021: Congratulations to Adam who recevied an offer from the Stanford EE PhD program and will continue his study of UWBG/WBG power devices.
  • 1/28/2021: Congratulations to Dr. Wong for receiving NSF CAREER award! https://blogs.sjsu.edu/newsroom/2021/electrical-engineering-faculty-receives-nsf-career-award-for-cryogenic-electronics-research/
  • 12/12/2020: Our paper on TCAD-ML is accepted to IEEE EDL. Congratulations to Kashyap!
  • 11/18/2020: Our collaborative paper with UC Berkeley on self-heating has been chosen as "Editor's Pick" in JVST-B: "Fei Ding, Hiu-Yung Wong and Tsu-Jae King Liu, “Design optimization of Sub-5nm Node Nanosheet Field Effect Transistors to Minimize Self-Heating Effects,” accepted to Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B."
  • 11/3/2020: We invited Dr. Ann Concannon, Texas Instruments, to give a talk on "ESD challenges and opportunities in an interconnected world". Please RSVP.
  • 10/26/2020: Congratulations to Adam Elwailly, our undergraduate lab member, for being selected to be one of the Fall 2020 Davidson Student Scholar.
  • 9/1/2020: Dr. Wong is guest editing a special issue on "Novel Ultra Wide Bandgap Power Devices and Materials". [Flyer] [link]
  • 7/23/2020: Our work on radiation is mentioned in Research Foundation's annual report. (Page Flip) (html)
  • 7/7/2020: Congratulations to Adam, our undergraduate lab member, has his Ga2O3 simulaton paper accepted to WiPDA-Asia 2020.
  • 7/1/2020: We successfully held a 3-morning class to introduce python and machine learning to high school students in DowntownCollegePrep [flyer].
  • 2/15/2020: Congratulations to Hoang Cao, Thanh Lam and Hoi Nguyen, our undergraduate lab members, have their neuromorhpic simulation framework paper (converted from their senior project) accepted to WMED 2020.
  • 12/7/2019: Congratulations to Hoang Cao, Thanh Lam and Hoi Nguyen, who are awarded with BSEE Best Project Award.
  • 12/6/2019: We successfully co-hosted IEEE EDS Distinguished Lecturer Mini-colloquium in SJSU. Topics:

1. Current progress and future perspectives in polymer solar cells, Lluís F. Marsal, Professor, University of Rovira i Virgili, Spain
2. Physics and modeling of organic thin film transistors, Benjamin Iñiguez, Professor, University of Rovira i Virgili, Spain
3. Silicon technologies for 5G, Anirban Bandyopadhyay, Director, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Inc.

 IEEE Mini-Colloquium

  • 12/2/2019: Dr. Wong was interviewed in College of Engineering Magazine, Fall 2019 
  • 11/12/2019: Our paper on Band-to-Band-Tunneling with Synopsys is accepted to Microelectronics Reliability.
  • 11/4-11/6, "16th International Conference on Reliability and Stress-related Phenomena in Nano and Microelectronics" was held in SJSU successfully. https://www.irspconference.com/IRSP
  • 10/17/2019: Congratulations to M-PAC members who received "AY2019-20 Davidson Student Scholars" awards:
    • Senior Students, Keren Yin, Ziyun He, Shaofeng liang: "Optimization of LiDAR-on-Chip using PhotonicSimulation in RSoft"
    • Graduate Student. Johan Saltin, "TCAD Cosmic Radiation Hardness Simulation, Nanosheet and FinFET SRAM"
  • 9/20/2019: We welcomed about 50 attendees to the Plasma Processing Workshop given by Plasma-Therm. Besides SJSU students, attendees include people from UC Merced, UCSC, Stanford, UCB, and 5 companies in the Silicon Valley.

Plasma Workshop

  • 8/21/2019: PowerAmerica announces the 24 new member projects this year. We are in one of the teams. https://poweramericainstitute.org/member-projects/
  • 8/2/2019: Johan's paper on lateral Gallium Oxide device doping engineering is accepted to 7th IEEE WiPDA.
  • 6/30/2019: Johan's paper on Schottky contact energy filtering is accepted to 2019 IEEE S3S
  • 6/30/2019: Khao's paper on SRAM radiation hardness is accepted to 2019 IEEE S3S.
  • 6/28/2019: Khao's paper on electrically trimmable ferroelectric capacitor is accepted to 2019 IEEE S3S.
  • 6/15/2019: Our paper on NBTI framework with IIT Bombay is accepted to SISPAD 2019.
  • 6/10/2019: Sarat's paper on TCAD machine learning "TCAD Augmented Machine Learning for Semiconductor Device Failure Troubleshooting and Reverse Engineering" is accepted to SISPAD 2019. See you in Udine, Italy!
  • 5/2019: Sarat, Khoa and Cedric graduated. Congratulations!
  • 5/20/2019: Group Lunch (photo)

Group Lunch May 2019

  • 5/2019: Congratulations: Yogeswara Sarat Bankapalli received EE 2019 Best Projects Award for his master project "Machine Learning in TCAD for Semiconductor Fabrication Failure Troubleshooting"
  • 5/2019: Prof. Leong from University of Sydney visited and gave a seminar on "Efficient FPGA implementations of Machine Learning Algorithms"
  • 5/2019: Yogeswara Sarat Bankapalli is selected to present in "2019 Banquet student project showcase" for his work on Machine Learning in TCAD.
  • 4/2019: Prof. Ayyaswamy from UC Merced visited and gave a seminar on "plasmaFoam: A massively parallel computational framework for plasma physics and chemistry"
  • 4/2019: Our NBTI paper with IIT Bombay and Synopsys are accepted to be published in TED.
  • 3/2019: Our paper "Studies of Stress Effects on the Electrical Performance of AlGaN/GaN HEMTs through Ab Initio Calculation and TCAD Simulation" is accepted to ICNS 2019.
  • 2/2019: Invited talk on "TCAD Simulation of Novel Gallium Oxide Power Device with High On/Off Ratio" was presented in the Workshop on Compound Semiconductor Materials and Devices WOCSEMMAD, 2019. 
  • 10/2018: Congratulations to Yogeswara Sarat Bankapalli for being selected to be one of the Fall 2018 Davidson Student Scholar.