Following the Civil War, the United States Supreme Court rules in favor of segregated schools -- "separate but equal" is legal. Meanwhile, the Normal School expands with the opening of the Los Angeles branch campus to accommodate California's growing population and the need for more trained teachers.

SJSU Facts: 1880 to 1899

Manual training class

1887 - Manual Training is added to the Normal School curriculum. Students learn to use lathes, saws, planes and other tools as part of their teacher education. At the end of the term, "manual training students exhibit the results of their craftsmanship, which include fancy tables, easels, footstools, and boxes."

First UCLA building

1882 - With the rise of wheat production in the north and citrus groves in the south, California's economy begins to improve. The population of Los Angeles quadruples between 1880 and 1890, creating the need for a new Normal School. San Jose State Normal School opens a branch in Los Angeles that will become UCLA in 1927.

Early football team

1892 - Under Principal Charles Childs, the first Normal School graduate to become principal, the San Jose State Normal School undergoes a number of significant changes. In addition to further advances in the manual training program, a new system of grading is adopted and, in response to the decreasing number of male students and the demand for athletics, the first football team is organized.